Crazy crunch time has got off to a riotous start, beginning last night with a drinking trip to Oxford with Paul, Geoffrey (our lead artist for the first half of the project), and myself.   There’s nothing like starting a crunch period with a hangover, everything is put into perspective.

However, I’m not here to tell you about being drunk last night; I’m here to tell you about how Determinance will be a constantly evolving game after release.  Being an Indie, and getting sales over the course of years rather than weeks; you get the opportunity to constantly improve your title.  Of course bugs will be ironed out, but more than that Determinance will gain from feedback from the community and the things we want to put in.

If people want new features, we shall listen and implement them if we think the idea worthy.  We will be especially attentive to modders: if there’s a functionality hidden deep in the actual exe that the community would like exposed to the scripting (and open) part, we will do our level best to do it.  If we’ve accidentally left something as controversial as Mario Kart’s snaking in Determinance, we shall remove it.

Our post-release schedule, after dealing with immediate problems, starts with making the modding interface cleaner.  All of the various modding areas will be available at release, but we will be making the process more streamlined for our first major update.  Things like having several mods of different kinds installed and distributing your mods will be easier.  We’re pretty sure you guys want Determinance as soon as humanly possible, so we’re happy to wait until our first major update to do these useful but not essential things.

In other news, the Transform Paul’s Dell Experience is continuing apace… you will be given a full description in time.

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