I was just browsing the IndieGamer forums and found this old post by Dan MacDonald, talking about playing Determinance at IGC last year:

“…One of my favorites was one just past the concept stage called “Determinance”, the developer had done some cool stuff with IK to make a very natural sword fighting interface. It was a third person game where you could fly around using right click. If you held the left button you could manipulate your sword arm. Moving the mouse left to right would make a slashing motion with the sword left to right. The speed of the movement was determined by the speed in which you moved your mouse. Similarly moving the mouse up and then down would raise the sword and then bring it down in a chopping motion. It wasn’t limited to cardinal directions however, all possible directions and combinations between the axis were possible by moving the mouse.

The players had location based damage and depending on the hit would take different amounts of damage. It was multilayer only but I had a great time playing it. It’s one of the few times in a game where you feel like you are doing something that you’ve not done before. For once in a sword game it wasn’t based on a fixed set of moves, the moves I made where limited only by what I could come up with on the mouse. It felt like real sword fighting.” 

That’s some pretty high praise, especially based on the mess DT was back then.

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