Some of us do have time to go to France

Crunch time went well, and Determinance is now actually almost ready for code-freeze, which is awesome. Once we’re actually code-freezed, a lot more information will be spurting forth onto this page. The rumours of a site re-design going up are also getting stringer with every passing day.

5 Responses to “Some of us do have time to go to France”

  1. Archanis1:

    When will that video come out?
    I really wish to see it 🙂

  2. Paul:

    Stringer? Amazing.

  3. Ed Burns. Bigamist.:

    Dudes, just wanted to say how much your blog’s keeping me vaguely sane during Finals. I have NO idea what the hell yuu’re going on about most of the time but if ‘code-freezing’ means it’ll be coming out sooner then YES YES YES.
    Also, it seems with stuff like Red Steel or Dark Messiah, which as I understand it, seek to add a bit more ‘realism’ in their melee, you’re doing your thing at just the right time. Only with flying.

  4. Ian:

    Good to hear it Heman. Yeah, we’re really damn close to release now. Hope the finals aren’t too bad. I’m deiving back from France with Tom Wednesday, how about coming down to DSL when you’ve finished to chill?


  5. Paul:

    I recommend this entirely – we shall drink heartily and talk of the European Youth Parliament. THAT’S A JOKE THAT ONLY ME AND HE-MAN UNDERSTAND I AM SO CLEVER.