Games: NFL Head Coach

Due to this whole games development thing I haven’t had time to play Head Coach anywhere near as much as I want to, and am thus also not ready to give too many opinions on it.  I can however give opinions on other people’s opinions quite easily.

The NFLHC forums are alive with people slamming the developers and EA for releasing an “unfinished” game, but these people’s expectations for HC are unbelievably high.  They’re all used to Madden – a game that’s had over ten years to get it right – and now they expect the first HC release to be of the same standard.  They need to be realistic.

There’s definitely plenty wrong with HC, and I imagine the only reason it didn’t have another few months development was Madden’s early-fall release.  People are already hacking in and making things better, and I imagine in a couple of months HC will be a considerably more realistic game thanks to modders.  The ethics of whether or not that constitutes an acceptable situation is an argument for a different place, but right now I’m just happy HC is on my hard drive.

To finish off I’ll give a couple of my early complaints.  I’m nowhere near as hard-core as most of the fantasy-football crazy-people (I’m talking about you Thomas) who exist on the forums; I just want to feel like I’m in the regular season.  I want every other game that doesn’t feature my team on Sunday to have a cool little highlights package I can watch, and in-game I want more drama.  I want to have the camera stick to the umpire as he slowly walks onto the pitch to declare the penalty that may or may not lose me the game.  I want to see my star player injured on the ground, surrounded by his team-mates, waiting for the medics to go and see how serious it is.  It appears that everyone on those forums want the stats to be more realistic, but I’d just like to have more atmosphere.

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