360 Ram

I just read at 1UP that Microsoft asked Epic, among others, to advise it on some 360 hardware specs.  Specifically: 256 meg ram with a hard drive as standard, or what actually happened, 512 ram with no standard hard drive.  Epic told them that games “really wouldn’t look that HD” with only 256 ram to play with, and the 360’s current form was born.

The 360’s no-standard-hd is still a collosally stupid idea, but considering Determinance has trouble fitting in 256 meg, I can how Gears of War might cause a problem.

The article says that MS asked several developers, but that Epic’s demo really made their minds up.  Basing an (apparently) one billion dollar business decision on the views of a company that employs Mark Rein isn’t something I’d do, but I’m fairly sure it would also have been the consensus decision anyway.  Console developers are used to having far more difficulty fitting games in ram than they do finding hd space.

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