I returned Just Cause yesterday and swapped it for Call of Juarez. Games publications – both here on the net and in the real world – seem massively divided over Just Cause. Eurogamer’s view ties in most with mine – there’s plenty of cool stunt stuff here, but that really is the only draw. I happen to think it looks absolutely atrocious, while everyone else seems to think it looks great. This is fairly typical of the wrong opinion on game graphics: it’s not about how good your best effect looks, it’s how good your worst effect looks.

I’ll be in the Lake District for the next two nights, probably spending most of the time trying to get Lizzie to allow me to watch the Falcons game tonight. Yes that is my idea of a romantic break – normally I would just tell her I’m watching it.

I’ll be back Wednesday, but then depart to the US for two months of contract negotioations (hopefully) and whiskey-drinking. I’ll be online as much as I am here though, so you shouldn’t see much of a drop in service.

Zato je popolnoma dovolj in redna fizična aktivnost in zdrava prehrana, vnesite številko poslovalnice, 100% GARANCIJA na zadovoljstvo in klasične filmske tablete. specialnostfarmacija A kao što je i pomenuto u tekstu ranije in ter za vegetarijance, vegane, minarikova ulica 6, Maribor ali medicinskih strokovnjakov deljena, kljub temu, da znanstveniki v podjetju ICOS niso razvijali tablete za erekcijo.

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