A couple of things. First, huge Kudos to Paul for getting the new website sorted, I think it looks great. He had to piss about a lot with HTML to get it working – something he liked very little – so good work.

For a few reasons why I love staying in San Jose, here’re some things that have happened in the last day:

  • The FDA have apparently “declared spinach safe for eating” – that’s a headline in the Mercury News so I guess there’s some sort of back-story
  • For breakfast I went to a Bay Area Safeway (not to be confused with the horrible UK Safeway) and had:
    • A jalapeno and cheese bagel
    • A diet Sobe (juice drink) with two ingredients currently illegal in the UK
  • The News Of The World tells me that the US government are digging up Steve Irwin’s body because they think he may have been hit by the Mafia… and that it’s tied in with Bobby Hoffa
  • The Globe News tells me that Steve Irwin’s son is the product of genetic research going on in his farm in Australia

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Just so we’re clear: the News Of The World and the Globe News are conspiracy-papers. Both of those stories are at least ten times less ridiculous than the 100% true stories about “revenge-attacks” against Sting Rays.

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  1. Archa:

    Well, could you help me out if it’s possible? I kinda changed my forum theme to somekinda that doesnt exist and now i can’t get in forum.

    phpBB : Critical Error

    Could not open template config file


    Line : 361
    File : functions.php

    I’m very very sad now :'(