The Latvian Bad Day LA Tournmanent: Semi-final Draw

Greetings, folks, and after today’s invigorating playoff match between Faxmachinen and Nazriel which ended thus:

Faxmachinen vs Nazriel: 5-4
Faxmachinen is the winner.

Faxmachinen breakdown:
…we’re left with only four combatants. Semi-final time, natch.

Here’s our patented and entirely fair matchup system:

I can now officially announce that the matches are as follows (not that I just, in reality, flipped a coin to decide this or anything):

Dr Pineapple vs. Malakian

Faxmachinen vs. Toshers

Good luck, and may the least sword-flailing-like-an-idiot man win.

EDIT: If anyone is available to observe the matches, and maybe record a commentary, or, even better, FRAPS video of it…or EVEN BETTER – FRAPS VIDEO WITH A COMMENTARY…then please give me a shout via the Contact button at the top of this website.

2 Responses to “The Latvian Bad Day LA Tournmanent: Semi-final Draw”

  1. dr_pineapple:

    OH SHI-
    My ass is fuxored already.

  2. Paul:

    That’s going to be an interesting one…