The Feel of Steel

We’ve been working on the Novint Falcon port of Determinance for quite some time now, and it was released yesterday.  The Falcon port is called “The Feel Of Steel” to emphasize its haptic nature!

I haven’t talked about the Falcon before because we’ve been under NDA, but I’m not lying when I tell you it’s the coolest gaming peripheral I’ve ever played with.  Determinance has a massive extra dimension using it and I’m actually kind of optimistic that the Falcon community are going to like it.  Those readers who actually know us in real life should get down to the office to play with it.

I want to talk more about TFOS when I’m not, er, so damn hungover.  But I am willing to promise you that if you order a Falcon you won’t be disapointed.  Especially if you’re an indie developer – the SDK is free and there’s a downloadable Torque integration (which was also done by me).  Oh, and I did the Falcon port of Arctic Stud Poker Run, since I used to play poker and other games in places as the agen sbobet site online, which was made specially for this.

Getting paid to work with something as cool and new as the Falcon is one of the biggest perks I’ve had since setting up Mode 7.

Other than that, I’m playing through Oblivion Gotee on the PS3, and enjoying it very much.

2 Responses to “The Feel of Steel”

  1. Paul:

    Yay Falcon. We should also add that purchasing things from Novint is good for your soul because they are an extremely nice group of people.

  2. malakian:

    The Feel Of Steel. Inimitable mode 7.