Here’s a recent comment I made on Blues’ News which may be of interest:

“I am the person responsible for getting Puppy Games’ link wrong and I would like to apologise. It is and has some extremely high-quality indie games…not what you might expect from the name. This has now been fixed on the petition so that massively judgmental people aren’t suddenly thwarted by something that, at first glance, appears to confirm their ignorant preconceptions. Joking.

I think that pretty much everyone can agree on the fact that Valve need to be more open and sensible about their acceptance criteria for Steam. They need to at least provide a sensible contact for submissions, for a start.

The petition is now essentially saying that developers need a real dialogue with Valve about these issues and that is the core of what I hope to achieve.

I’m best qualified to talk about Determinance in the context of Steam, as I worked on it. Determinance is a game that some people genuinely love, send us fan mail about, beg us to do updates etc. etc. and some people despise with the very totality of their being. It is not perfect by a long stretch – it was a low-budget over-ambitious experiment just like an indie title should be. We believe that it should be possible to distribute it on Steam because *customers and potential customers keep telling us that we should do this*, and not for any other reason. The petition started as a way of formalising this desire amongst people to have the game on Steam; we then found that other devs were having the same issue, and some wanted to get involved to help open up the dialogue with Valve, rather than campaign to get specific titles on there.

It’s delightfully simple to say, “ALL THESE GAMES ARE CRAP LOL” but that is part of the point. Games that some people think are crap should reach the widest audience possible so that people who might love them can find them. If you’re a hunchback with one eye looking for a date, you need to get yourself out there to increase the probability of meeting someone with a cycloptic posturual deficiency fetish. ”

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