Picture of the legendary Ceasar 3 Manual “typo”

Picture of the legendary Ceasar 3 Manual "typo"

Approaching near-mythical status, the legendary “What is this shit” comment in the official Ceasar 3 manual.  Someone just posted a grab of it on The Daily WTF, and here it is for posterity:


I’m drawing a blank on other well-known game manual amusements right now (it’s probably the beer).  Comment if you have any good ones.

3 Responses to “Picture of the legendary Ceasar 3 Manual “typo””

  1. Wrongfire:

    The picture is too small.. whats it say?

  2. Ian:

    “Administration – Prosperity up to 75% what the hell is this shit”

  3. Paul:

    This was mentioned in Richard Cobbett’s legendary Cirque du Strange article which was subtitled “The Top 50 Weirdest Moments in PC Games.” One of my favourite Gamer articles ever – http://www.richardcobbett.com/codex/journal/filingcabinet/cirque_du_strange/