Visiting the Village: Episode 7

Visiting the Village: Episode 7

It’s that time of the week again. No, not *that* time of the week: Visiting the Village time! In Episode 7, we discuss hat-touching, excitement and a picture of Matthew Perry on the ceiling. And games.

I’m just walking by all-la-di-dah and trashing your scene with these show notes: – via Offworld

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8 Responses to “Visiting the Village: Episode 7”

  1. Alex:

    Ace this week! Had fun playing on sarien for half of it, talking nonsense.

    Points to mention – I will point to a game i NEVER shut up about in regards to how to do game music: Phoenix Wright. Just perfectly captures every kind of mood, brilliantly and originally. I LOVE YOU, PHOENIX.

    Anyhow, onto Fallout New Vegas. Am I excited? Not so much. Fallout 3 for me hasn’t had the longevity of enjoyability that Oblivion had. It’s my first day off for as long as I can remember today so I’m going to fire up fallout 3 again and do a little more, but I’ll be honest, I’m not excited about doing so. As far as

    Obsidian goes, I have VERY little faith. You guys mention rightly that it’s a developers dream to get landed a great IP and a great engine, but it’s a consumer nightmare when you like that IP and it goes to Obsidian. KOTOR is hands down one of the best RPG’s I’ve played in my LIFE. I played through it seven times because I really loved it so much, exhausting it was the only option. No doubt you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of KOTOR 2.

    Flash forward to now, and I can tell you Kotor 2 was a total shambles comparatively. Buggier, less polished, an uninteresting plot with holes all over the place, and totally wasted opportunities throughout in regard to places, people, villains, quests etc. It was like a sucky expansion. The end of the game was a victim of not finishing on time and all your hard work and choices result in the same ending – you flying off in your space ship. There’s no end cut scene to speak of. No closure whatsoever.

    Given that Obsidian had an engine from a stellar developer and a dream IP and cocked it up then, I’m not confident about now.

  2. Paul:

    Yeah, the music in Phoenix Wright is pretty fun. I got really bored of that game VERY quickly, but I am a huge idiot and my opinion is worth nothing. KOTOR 2 convroversy – I need to play those games- I have never done so.

  3. Alex:

    You r huge idiot and ur opinion is worth nothing.

    Also, yeah, I can easily understand that. The thing with phoenix wright is it’s like playing a book – there’s barely any element of ‘game’ to it.

    KOTOR is wonderful, you really should play the original. I think you’d really like it.

  4. Paul:

    Alright then, I will! Someday…

  5. Xeno:

    Yea, you must play KOTOR. I thought KOTOR2 was good but I played that one before KOTAR1. KOTAR1 is superior by far.

  6. Paul:

    Ok, KOTOR 1 it is. I wonder if I can play some in time for next week…

  7. Xeno:

    Alex, we were successful!

  8. Wilton Harlan:

    I waited a long time to emerge episode 11 and 12 of FlashForward now I can enjoy the episodes since they began work