A Frozen Synapse Post

A Frozen Synapse Post

We’ve got quite a few new readers due to the mild popularity of Visiting The Village, so quite a few of you may not know what Frozen Synapse is.  Well… it’s a “bitesize hardcore tactical game” by us.  It’s in closed beta right now.

Introductions over, I thought I’d give you guys an update.  TV contract work has had a bit of a spike in the last couple of weeks, but my current project is AI.  Making a good skirmish AI for a hardcore tactical game is quite a challenge, but I’m certain it’s crucial to be able to play “proper” Synapse off-line.   It’s a massive job, so I’m tackling bits of it at a time, but I’m really hoping for a playable result by the end of May.

5 Responses to “A Frozen Synapse Post”

  1. Xeno:

    Ancious to see the AI, thanks for the first synapse update in a while.

  2. Ian:

    Hey Xeno. Yeah, I can’t wait for people to be able to play a bit of single-player – it should definitely help them get into the game.

  3. Wrongfire:

    Ill be thar to testerize it ^_^
    Just got home from my dads, gotz my computer back.

  4. Steve D:

    Can’t wait to see the more about the game. Sound’s interesting.

  5. Ian:

    Hi Steve. Beta should be out *really* soon so hopefully people will finally see what this game actually is.