Visiting the Village: Episode 8

Visiting the Village: Episode 8

Episode 8 drops like a hippo in a faulty lift. This week, I say “planar bum”, Ian rants about Bridge Baron and we discuss the possibility of a Gary Busey adventure game, among other things.

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12 Responses to “Visiting the Village: Episode 8”

  1. Alex:

    The witcher’s choices ARE great! I was obliged to do that now, wasn’t I..

    Also I think you might be speaking way too soon about choices before playing KOTOR – it is pretty much a bastion for good game choices. I don’t care about spoiling things, so prepare to be spoilt. Just before the end, if you’re evil, you get a bit of a rebellion on your hands amongst the more just of your companions, and seen as the wookie (who is best friends with a teenage alien girl on your team) owes you a life debt for saving him, you can order him to strangle his disobedient best friend/game-long team mate. That’s a pretty cool thing to watch unfold!

    Also the whole mind affecting thing with the force lets you have a lot more control over playing people off against each other deviously than you could in a game with no such implied Jedi powerz, like oblivion.

    Birmingham uni and this paraffin wax smell thing are both absurd. THIS WILL GO NOWHERE.

  2. Paul:

    Will KOTOR run acceptably on the 360? I must play and I refuse to play on PC.

  3. Paul:

    Also, choice-wise…I think there’s this huge problem with moral and emotional investment in games. We play games, often, to be emotionally divested and I often feel irked when moral choice is used as an attempt to short-circuit this. The bit in Mass Effect where [SPOILERS] you have an argument with the alien dude in your squad and you might have to kill him if you choose the “wrong” dialogue options is just stupid and has no moral weight.

  4. Alex:

    No old xbox games run acceptably on the 360 – FACT. Fable TLC is a nightmare.

    I have a pc copy you can have. You should play it on the pc, it’s wholly better!

  5. Xeno:

    Why refuse to play it on PC. It is superior.

  6. Paul:

    Xeno, you are like the PC Borg commander. I only play games on the 360 because I sit in front of my PC 8-9 hours a day and I want to get away from it when I’m relaxing, it’s really that simple. I’d love to play more PC games, but I can’t.

  7. Xeno:

    Well, you have a reason to not play PC games I guess. I’m not a crazy go PC boo systems person but the PC version is just better then the system’s version if only for the ease to play.

  8. Paul:

    So the control system is better on the PC? It’s…an action RPG, surely?

  9. Alex:

    Yeah it’s better on the pc. Mass effect is a lot more point and shoot, with kotor you pick your moves in real time, but only to the extent of clicking on what you want to do then they carry it out. It feels a lot more real time than it is, but fights move so fast it’s way easier to move between attack/force/item use with the mouse.

  10. Paul:

    Yeah, ok, I can see why that would be annoying. Goshdarnit. Well, I’m still going to play on the 360, but I’ll have to just concede that the PC version is OMG BETTERZ LOL

  11. Alex:

    You’re such a stickler. I do <3 the 360, though…Don’t get me wrong. In 99% of cases I do opt to play games on that joyous platform, and do not regret it.

    Does anyone else have the issue with choices that I do? I can’t bring myself to make the bad ones. I played through mass effect a second time to take the bad choices, and felt so guilty I just picked all the same ones again. ):

  12. Paul:

    Heh, yeah I don’t particularly enjoy taking the evil choices in games because they’re so morally loaded. They should make choices more ambiguous – I only want to take out and out evil choices and make my main character a total dick if I hate the game OR the friendly character that he’s going to betray / eat / disassemble.