The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man: Part 5

The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man: Part 5

After last week’s update struggles it’s good to be back with another weighty pile of content to dump on your metaphorical lawn.

First up, here’s another quality Synapse video by Mr K – this one really goes into some detail…

Kieron Gillen mentioned us on the ever-wonderful Rock Paper Shotgun this week in their The Sunday Papers section – pleasing!

The beta continues apace.  Once we have some further art in, we will be giving out some invites to our current beta-ites so they can get their friends in.  More invites will be issued stage-by-stage so we can keep a tiny bit of control over what’s happening.

Talking of art…


Here’s a refraction effect which we’ll be using as part of our explosions – I’m excited to see some progress on the explosions as they are, obviously, a very important part of the art.  Our tech artist has now switched to trying to get coverage of all the character animations we’ll need, so hopefully we’ll have those in soon.

Visiting the Village Episode 26 is out – please listen if you haven’t before…

Hit us up on teh iTunez also if you like this kind of thing…


We really enjoy doing this show, and we’d like all of our Synapse followers to get involved and submit questions via Twitter.

And now, the section you have come to love / hate: an insight into my LIFE…

Mr Potato Man has been with me for just under a year now – he was my antidote to finally having to buy boring adult stuff for a house / appartment.  Mr Potato Man is completely useless in every way, both aesthetically and as a vegetable peeler.  He embodies failure.  Here he is pictured in ominous shadow, plotting his revenge.

I enjoy reading video game news articles on my favorite website on my free days. Yesterday I started playing a new amazing video game. Owing to its miniscule size, our kitchen always looks like it has exploded if I do ANYTHING in there whatsoever.  It requires constant cleaning and attention, like an annoying soiled child.

This appalling image shows an old-style phone box in my village, which now has 1.) no phone 2.)  this chart representing the progress of the village croquet tournament.  Croquet is a fairly hardcore game of vicious tactics – there should definitely be an XBLA croquet game.  No, we’re not going to make one.



That’s it for now – more soon.

4 Responses to “The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man: Part 5”

  1. Sid:

    Not that it matters much, but it was MrK who made that video, not me. Normally we both film them, he voices them and I edit them, that video he made on his own though. Sadly sending 5gb+ of files over the net isn’t yet all that practical.

    The progress looks great, really need to fire the game up again soon.

  2. Paul:

    Argh, of course! Fixed.

  3. Shivoa:

    Coolio progress, has moddb chewed that image up with jpeg compression? Still digging the clean vibe.

    /shameless self promotion

    When I was implementing a distortion painter shader I found a quick expansion followed by a slow decline in radius tied with a much smoother curve for the magnitude was giving some good results (which I then changed for the final effect by making the magnitude a diminishing cosine curve so the screen seemed to be elastically rippled by the bang).


  4. Paul:

    Cool stuff – that’s just about the most complicated sentence I’ve read in a while! Results look good though!