My crazy holiday

My crazy holiday

For anyone who doesn’t know, I am on holiday!  I was best man at a wedding in San Luis Obispo this last weekend, and now I’m chilling out in Cupertino.  A new Synapse update will be pushed out soon, but first, a pictoral account is called for!

We’ll start off with my N64 joypad-replica keyring attached to my Gamestop bottle opener and my key to the house.  Dissapointingly, the C buttons are all one physical button not four separate buttons.

The heat in the bay is bought to you by Best Western:

This dog is certainly hot.

Hey, Bin thinks that’s pretty funny!

The bride’s brother doesn’t…

That’s ok, I wasn’t going to!

You don’t drive past this sign.

No tank tops!

Motel 6 – bought to you by Bill Sadler and Satanic Canadian Man.


You will hear more from me soon.  And we record the first ever trans-atlantic Village tomorrow!

2 Responses to “My crazy holiday”

  1. Steve D:

    I had one of those N64 controller keychain clock’s in yellow, many years ago.

  2. Paul:

    Love it – brilliant.