Beta updated

Beta updated

Hey folks.

For you today we have a lovely shiny new beta!  Here are the main features:

– New game mode – Disputed.  I’m a big fan of this mode.  It’s a bit more relaxed than Secure.  Log on and give it a go.

– New “Game Pages” and “Player Pages” – get games played, stats etc all in one handy place

– Game comments and ratings – watch, comment on, and rate other people’s games.

– Facebook-style “Feed”, showing recent games, comments, and rankings.

– Lots of graphical updates since the last major beta release (although if you’ve updated in the last month you’ve already seen them)

And here are the more minor features/features that have been in for the last month or so:

– Various bug fixes

– Mouse “hooking” – move the camera around by holding down the right mouse button

– New orders menu – activated by double-left-clicking.  No more annoying middle mouse button!

– Switch between your units with the Tab key

– Access the tutorial-video from within the game

– Quite a few other things I’ve forgotten

If you’ve forgotten your account details or anything like that, just stop by the IRC chatroom (link on the right) and hit me up about it.

I’m not ready to announce anything concrete yet, but the next update from us will be something very big and unexpected.  I have a feeling I know what Synapse needs to really keep people playing… more later.

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