Games For Windows Live

Games For Windows Live

Sigh.  I’m pretty sure Microsoft are actively trying to make GFWL games bad in order to push people into going 360 instead and playing  Great – the closest thing we have to a platform holder would prefer we were playing on a different system. Sbobet88 push you into going 360 instead, discover the world of gambling.

Not being able to save your game (this is in Red Faction 3) unless you’re logged into GFWL (which requires an update and registration) is actually a pretty hilarious limitation.  Why… why would that ever make sense?  Sure I “understand” not having achievements (which I’m pretty sure 99.9% of PC gamers are just bemused by anyway) unless you’re authorised with the giant Microsoft server.  That makes sense.  They want to stop people cheating with achievements.  THATS VERY IMPORTANT.

The thing is, I really don’t mind that getting a PC game working usually takes about half an hour of pissing about the first time you set it up.  I’m totally fine with that as a price to pay for (a) having a mouse and (b) being able to use IRC, email, and Bridge Baron at the same time.  My problem is that I really strongly suspect that Microsoft are doing it on purpose, and that some people do care about it.  Whenever I hear people going on about how terrible a facet of PC gaming this is, I want to wave modding in their face.  Because when it comes down to it, the PC lets me fix Red Faction – it lets me massively increase the amount of damage bullets do, both to the enemy and to me.  That’s what I want, to make the gunplay more important and skilled.  And the PC lets me do it.

Oh, the Synapse updates appear to be working well.

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  1. Herr_Alien:

    Don’t worry. Most likely there’s a crack available.
    OOps! Who would have thought of that …

    And speaking of consoles, if (and not when, if) the PC gaming dies in favor of consoles, I can bet my that a good deal (if not most) of them consoles will end up being modded.

    Hey, there’s an upside for everything …