Red Faction 3 PC

Red Faction 3 PC

I was a pretty massive fan of Red Faction 3 on the 360. Sometimes an open world game really grabs you by the balls, and RF did it for me. EC and I disagreed on the graphics – he thought it was all a little red and I thought it looked great.

So now I’ve had a chance to play it on the PC. List time!

– mouse makes as big a difference as I was expecting. I feel roughly five times as comfortable exploring a first person game with the mouse.
– yes, RF is a first person game.  Like Max Payne, it just decided to plonk a model of your character to one side.  Unlike most third person games, the actual gameplay is really exactly the same as an fps.
– the DLC, Demons Of The Orient or something, really hits the nail on the head.  It’s completely stand-alone, it gives you a more powerful projectile weapon as standard, and it removes the stupid salvage-collection.  Being stand-alone is very important when you’re playing dlc on a new platform without your old saves.  Honestly, this should be the blueprint for open world DLC.  I’m presuming it’s not long enough though.
– having to keep switching between the joypad and the keyboard for vehicles/pedestrianing is a bit irritating.

So is this the definitive version?  Well… it’s close.  Most people aren’t as obsessed as I am with mouse control (just another facet of the human race I don’t understand) and if that’s you then I’d probably go with the console version.  Having said that, I got it as part of Steam’s ridiculous “£26 for the THQ Complete Pack” deal which is on until tomorrow… Jordan, if you’re reading this you should go and get that now.  Now!

Finally, Oxford University B Team won our (bridge) match against Oxford City C team last night.  Go Cougars!

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