Today I was having some issues syncing my iTouch 2nd gen iPod, so I decided I might as well do the paid os upgrade.  It costs £2.99, and I don’t really agree with it, but “sod it” I thought – if it fixes my problem then fine.

I don’t like Apple.  I have an iTouch mainly because of the podcasting support – I have an iPod compatible car stereo and being able to listen to my favorite shows when I’m driving is actually a serious upgrade to my life.

So let me tell you what this paid for, 270 megabyte OS upgrade (whose main feature as far as I can tell is to allow you to buy movies from Apple) did:

First, it stopped my iPod being able to connect to the internet through my router.  I checked the forums and this is a very common problem.  People advise replacing the router (!) or firmware upgrading the router.

Second, it broke compatibility with my car stereo.

So yeah, at this point I’m pretty pissed off.  This is actually the worst consumer experience I’ve ever had, and the only thing that mitigates the situation is that it’s Apple, and I’m highly glad I now have this story to tell.  It’s like catching sypholis from someone you hate.

So, I post on their forums a fairly rude “Apple, wtf are you doing” thread.  It was fairly rude, but it didn’t have any swearing in it, and did involve an actual question.

I had thought this situation couldn’t make me more angry.  I was wrong.  Apple went ahead and violated about the only ethic I really strongly believe in: free speech.  They removed my post.

This whole situation got me to thinking about Apple.  I know a lot of people who really evangelize apple.  I have always hated them.  I’m going to try and explore why.

Let’s start off by comparing Apple and Microsoft.  Here are the core aims of the two companies when it comes to their customers:

Microsoft want a monopoly.
Apple want to make money.

Let me rephrase that:

Microsoft want you to be addicted to their software.
Apple want to sell you more things.

Here’s another one:

Apple has a customer base which largely loves it.
Microsoft is at war with its customer base.

Do you think that really favors Apple?  Because I don’t.  Apple can do whatever the hell it likes and still be loved, whereas Microsoft actually has to please people.

Now don’t get me wrong: Microsoft is evil.  But the crucial difference here is that Microsoft is evil to companies.  Not to you.  To companies.  It buys companies and kills them, or kills them by obscufating supposed standards.  It does this so it doesn’t have worthy competition.  But it also understands that part of having a monopoly in a software business is to have good software.

Microsoft buys companies with good products, consumes what’s good about them so it can give it to you, then throws away the husk.

Apple does something much, much worse.

It buys companies with good products so that they can’t release them on Windows; uses them as a selling point for OSX, and then ignores them.  Case in point: Logic.

Exploring Apple’s forums is a really, really shocking experience.  I advise you to try it.  The forums are full of complaints about how this or that or the other has broken on someone’s ipod.  And no answers. Apple never reply.  The only replies that aren’t “I had this same problem and I just had to buy a new iPod” (translation: result for Apple) are idiot Apple fanboys basically pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

This has been a bit of a badly structured rant, and I apologise for that.  But I’ll just finish by saying that the bug list of the new iPod OS appears to be longer than the feature list.  And this is an update you have to pay for.

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4 Responses to “Crapple”

  1. Shivoa:

    Sounds great! I’ve always liked my Apple experiences (laptops) but then I gave up the expensive habit before Apple went Intel or started to claim a phone was ‘smart’ despite not being open to software (this has kinda changed with the app store but you still have to break warranty and potentially get bricked with an update to install what you please). Microsoft are my kind of evil, especially when they get tripped up with IE and the EU joke of a case and end up selling full version Windows 7 Home Premium for £45. Now that’s a proper price tag for an OS.

    My recent experience, along the same lines, has been the nVidia vs ATi divide. ATi still refuse to pay any software engineers, it would seem, so their drivers are something to be feared. I wish I’d known that before scratching off the promo code on my new graphics card and thus ruining my chances of a really easy return. I suspect a refund is going to be a lot of phone conversations down the road and then I can wait to see if nVidia have actually got a DX11 part that can be anything near price competitive with the current 5800 series from ATi (when they eventually finalise silicon for the GT300 parts)

  2. Jimi:

    I LOVE THIS POST. More specifically: I don’t love apple; I do love people agreeing with me (often anyway).

    Also, at risk of sounding too keen, am I wrong in thinking today is GoG competition deadline day?

  3. Xeno:

    I only just got away from Microsoft so I’m pro Apple at the moment. I think that will change once I get Linux on my macbook though. Don’t use ipods of any sort so I can’t say anything on that topic.

  4. Grafik:

    yo buddy… i just wanted to say that my browser is crashing when I click on the links… are you using some javascript or something?