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Frozen Synapse Warez Crack Torrent Keygen Full Download Free Rapidshare Zippyshare

Hello!  We’re the creators of Frozen Synapse and here’s why we’d appreciate it if you’d actually like to pre-order it, rather than trying to download a crack.

1.)  We’re a very small company and every sale matters vitally to our survival

2.)  We like making bigger, fully-featured games on PC: this is tough; it’s not the best way to make money in the games industry; we’re doing it because we love that kind of game and other people do as well

3.)  The game’s not finished yet; with your support at this stage, we can make the best game we possibly can

4.)  We don’t punish our genuine customers with stupid DRM that makes our game unplayable

5.) We try to do the absolute best for anyone who has bought the game; we’re working hard on updates and try to do our utmost to offer quick and effective technical support.  Again, this is tough, but we care deeply about people’s experience with our game.  We can’t offer that to you if you aren’t willing to pay for it.

I know that some people who like to get stuff for free will only do it if they know they’re not hurting the creators.

If you pirate our game, you are hurting us directly; I hope you’ll reconsider and think about pre-ordering – we’ll even give you a free copy for a friend so you can have fun with the game straight away.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – if you’ve got this far, you’re obviously a thoughtful person who will take this issue seriously, and that’s who I’m trying to reach.

20 Responses to “Frozen Synapse Warez Crack Torrent Keygen Full Download Free Rapidshare Zippyshare”

  1. Tim:

    Btw, if you want this to turn up in those sort of google searches, like your title sort of suggests, trying including comments like

    Pro-tip: that link’s not real, buy the damn game.

  2. Paul:

    Thanks Tim!

  3. Michael:

    You know I was looking for a torrent because I wanted to see how it would play and then buy it when it isn’t $25 because that’s a rather steep price for an indie game with a niche audience but maybe you hike up the price because you know it won’t sell like an average FPS but I would really like it if you offered a demo or trial version. Keep up the good work.

  4. Paul:

    Thanks for your comments.

    We’re happy from the feedback we’ve received from our existing players that the game offers good value for money at its current price point, especially as we’re effectively offering 2-for-1.

    The pre-order is for those people who want to support our development of the game and get the chance to play it early in return.

    We decided not to offer a demo for it, as we believe that the time and energy spent on devising, implementing and testing demo restrictions would be better spent on the actual game at this point.

    We’ve been very open with the press; there are many extensive previews online which give you a full idea of the current beta – have a look at this, for example –

    If you’re not interested in pre-ordering, then please join the mailing list and we will let you know about the full release of the game:

  5. -:

    What Michael said. Put out a demo and I’ll stop “warezing” it, don’t and I won’t. Of course once someone’s got the full version there’s much less of a chance of him giving you money…

  6. Jae Lush:

    Interesting post! I was wondering, as I normally read most of the posts here is there any way I can get updates sent to my email?

  7. Full Downloads:

    Been looking for this, thanks a lot.

  8. Magus:

    I would like to by the game and help you with feedback, but you MUST NOT exactly know where i live.

  9. Heads or Tails:

    Honestly after looking at this game for a few secounds ina youtube video the first thing i did was look for a torrent.. found this page lol read it and thought it out… im still going to look for the torrent because i don’t have money for a preorder of a beta……. if the game keeps my attention enough to keep me playn it id most likely buy the full game so i can enjoy it the way it was ment to be………….. yeah i know the dots are stupid…. but i like um… lol

  10. Chris:

    @ OP is there any chance you could release a one level demo for people like my self to try before they buy? im really interested just $25 is pretty high for me =S

  11. st:

    I finally found a beta version to download , played it and I will be preordering it because I liked it.

    I don’t understand why you can’t simply make a demo with the beta taking out some of the missions and leaving a few of them.

    I will love to have the game on steam and playing it online anyway and 2×1 is a real deal!

  12. Piecewise:

    Like everyone else said, we’re not gonna pay nearly half the price of a mainstream console game for a beta without any idea of how it plays or if we’ll like it. You say to watch previews, but a well made preview does not equal fun or easy to play.

    Look at it this way, if you give people a few levels to play then you’ll get a larger audience trying the game and potentially buying it. If you refuse to let anyone try anything without forking over 25 bucks, then the majority of people will either shrug and say” Well, I didn’t really needed it anyways” or just pirate the beta and maybe the whole thing. It’s beyond unaccommodating, it’s detrimental.

  13. Hunter Pearson:

    I like how Paul stopped commenting once people changed favor for torrents….

    why would people pay for a beta? just stop and think of this. People who participates in beta help the developers. It pretty much comes down to free labor in game balancing and public opinion. Charging people to rate your product is ridiculous.

    This all comes down to public appeal. 90% of beta’s are free but frozen synapse markets it like u buy the game and u get the beta. Even tho its not the case the public feels that they are buying the beta and gets a “free” upgrade to the real game when it comes out. If a game is in beta then threat the public like it is in beta and not try to market it immediately.

    As for torrent’ing lets face it its going to happen. The only way to truly lure people in to buying is to have features a torrent can never have. Online/store/stats/achievements shit like that. If you have made a good game people will torrent it, if u made a GREAT game people will torrent it and then buy it. (minecraft)

    Look at the WoT beta (world of tanks). When the game was in beta the beta was free but had the option to go premium. It gives the public the image that beta’s are an example of someones work but has expandability.

    The best thing to do in this situation is to embrace torrent-ing. release a demo by the means of torrent and heavily seed it. When torrents do come out it will mask which one is “real”. U have enough people to sway comments and lead them to the self made torrent.

    be proactive; simply making a blog whining about torrents isn’t going to cut it.

    make false torrents, make false comments, hunt people down, make a demo, make the beta FREE

    and once again DONT MAKE A GOOD GAME

    make a fucking GREAT one

  14. Paul:

    We’re definitely considering doing a demo after release – anyone who is waiting for a demo doesn’t have to pre-order the game.

    Producing an effective demo is not as simple as just “taking out a few levels” – it requires a lot of time and energy which is better spent on making a good game.

  15. Hunter Pearson:

    adding a maximum time limit per cpuID takes 10 min…..
    (steam will be incorporating this type of security to stop account hijacking)

    or just linking steam account with time trial (just like the steam free weekend deals)

    besides the point.
    i can buy frozen synapse + friend + access to beta
    i can buy frozen synapse + friend + beta + music + fame
    i can buy frozen synapse + friend + beta + music + Determinance + fame
    but i am unable to preview a work in progress beta with out committing to an entire game?

    hell the buy page doesn’t even have a hyper-link back to the homepage. once u click pre-order trapped.

    “every sale matters vitally to our survival” but buy 1 get one free doesn’t interfere?

    the game is a beta, take your time and treat it like it is a beta and not a quick sales pitch….. what else wold be the purpose of this webpage besides greed?

  16. Paul:

    “adding a maximum time limit per cpuID takes 10 min…..”

    Yes, obviously, but that’s not necessarily an optimal approach; finding that approach takes time.

    “the game is a beta, take your time and treat it like it is a beta and not a quick sales pitch”

    Absolutely. We’ve made it extremely clear in our PR what the state of the game is; we haven’t marketed it as a finished product.

    “every sale matters vitally to our survival” but buy 1 get one free doesn’t interfere?

    Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

    “i am unable to preview a work in progress beta with out committing to an entire game?”

    That’s correct. The pre-order is for people who want to take a chance and support the development of the game without previewing it.

    I wrote this post to put forward an argument against pirating the game. It won’t convince everyone; it wasn’t intended to.

    The information I have received from this interaction – people want a demo – is clear and we understand that. There won’t be a demo until after release – if you want to play the game before release, you can pre-order it.

  17. Hunter Pearson:

    I wish to apologize to you paul, i was being an asshole for no apparent reason. all though i am not 100% fine with the beta/purchases idea i must say that you definitely have the customers best interest in mind. The fact that this page exists shows dedication to the game.

    your last few sentences should be on the website. It clearly shows your intentions and commitment to making a good product.


  18. Paul:

    Apology accepted and thanks for the pre-order.

  19. Neophyte:

    Came here because I googled for “frozen synapse demo”, too bad that you don’t offer one.

  20. Cynical Sinner:

    I think you would sell a lot more if you made it just the one game for £10 because not only will you get the £20 from the 2 people who would have got it but you also get people – like me – who has no one to give it to and would pay £10 but not £20 to get a extra game that i wouldnt give away. So untill i can buy the game singly i wont be playing it, unfortunatly.