Patch out

Patch out

[If you don’t already own Frozen Synapse, go to the official site and have a look!]

New patch is out, changelist at the bottom here.

I’m hoping to find time this week to improve the speed of the scoring and thus the server.

Increased FOV of the grenade and rocket units to be same as machine gunner
Added loading indicators to main menu items
Added a loading message for all ways in which you can load a match
Removed the long ” matchmade” info for matchmade games to make the sidebar (slightly) less cluttered
You are now able to delete games in which you have not submitted a single turn
Games for which you are waiting do again show up in the Active Games list
If you accept a “game ask” and someone else accepted before you did, then you will be informed via a message box
You can now select multiple game modes to be matchmade on, and if you and your opponent dont agree on any Dark Extermination is chosen by default.
Your plans are now saved if you switch matches before you’ve committed (I am seriously worried this feature is going to break things, so you have to opt-in by checking a box in the options menu)
items in the feed are now time-stamped (x happened “a minute ago” or “2 hours ago”)
Improved the sniper unit
The generator will never give you more than one sniper in a Dark Extermination match
The generator will always spawn Snipers at the farthest spawn point from any enemies in a Dark Extermination match
Added the option to generate a Symetrical Dark Extermination match in the Advanced create game page.
Fixed a problem where the “Activate Friend Key” buttons would sometimes dissapear
Charge now defaults to 6 turns
Charge requires you to be over the line for three seconds to win
Fixed incorrect Charge scoring
Fixed a crash which occured when dragging the aim handle during playback
Fixed a very rare circumstance where a rocket explosion could case a unit very close to a wall to become stuck in a wall (thanks Mosimo)
Added the ability to import levels from .png files. SImply have a white image of any size with red rectangles for walls and blue rectangles for boxes/windows. The option is in the Editor tab in the Editor.
Biddable zones are now further away from the attacker spawn zones in secure
Asjusted Secure scoring to be a maximum of 200, and more sensibly reflect bidding – massive bids do not have much of an advantage

3 Responses to “Patch out”

  1. Bleh:

    I love this update. Gets more polished every time, it’s a real pleasure to play. Runs fine on Linux under wine, I hope it’ll stay that way.

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  3. IanW:

    How do I get this patch? I can’t find any instructions anywhere…