Visiting the Village: Episode 45

Visiting the Village: Episode 45

This week, Ian and I discuss a variety of scintillating gaming topics including Kinect, RealID and faeces. Also featuring our annual Telescope Update from Bryan!
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8 Responses to “Visiting the Village: Episode 45”

  1. Omrothlol:

    Thanks for getting this up while I’m away!


  2. Paul:


  3. Herr_Alien:

    I like the new bell/toy.

    One suggestion: add some minutes of the discussion, or at least links to what you’re talking about.

    @OnLive: They also rolled out the service just in US. They’re limiting their market from the start. Is this good? I think not.
    True, it does solve the whole DRM dispute by implementing software as a service. But at what costs?

    @Digital Distribution: “PC Downloadable” are in danger? Really? With the sales Steam is doing?
    And what, downloading the data and engine each time you visit the web page is better? Or perhaps the browser’s cache folder is a better place to install applications? Come on …

    @Companies dedicated to port games over platforms:
    Somebody once said: if an activity is part of your core business, you don’t outsource that. I personally don’t see the point in having dedicated companies to do the port towards a platform or not. Shipping a bug-free game is the core job of the developer.

    @game reviews influencing gamers:
    Well, wasn’t that the whole point of reviews?

    Also, hiding behind a user ID would allow me (or anybody) to swear, curse and dump a sh!tload of, well, sh!t on pretty much anything that is exposed on-line. It’s a double edged sword.

  4. Herr_Alien:

    Doh! Where are my manners!
    Congratulations, Ian.

  5. Omrotha:

    Thanks Herr Alien 🙂

  6. Herr_Alien:

    Okay, an attempt at a listener question :O

    Somewhat related to UDK, Unity (and to a smaller degree Valve’s Alien Swarm), how do you feel about making games without making your own game engine?

    Or an alternate phrasing: would you develop games on a “black box”-like game engine, where you get the runtime and just the upper-level scripting layer?

  7. Jonathan Dickinson:

    A revolutionary game would be that game they play in Harry Potter?

  8. Paul:

    Herr Alien – sorry I missed out your question this week – I have made sure it will be in next week’s show.