Visiting the Village: Episode 49

Visiting the Village: Episode 49

This week Ian and I talk about Starcraft bannings, in-game ads and, unfortunately, Jersey Shore. Tune in!
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7 Responses to “Visiting the Village: Episode 49”

  1. Herr_Alien:

    @BestBuy and upgrade costs
    Apparently, there are still people who can’t easily upgrade. And, to be honest, I have to quote also the saying “there’s a sucker born each minute”. By this I’m saying that my belief is that BestBuy is abusing the fact that some people have no idea what the firmware upgrade means.

    @Blizzard taking legal actions against hackers:
    The issue is that some of the people making cheats are marketing them, meaning selling them for moneyz 😛 . Basically, from Blizzard’s POV, they’re taking original, license-covered, copyright-protected code, modify it, then redistribute it for a profit. That’s a lawsuit case right there.

    @Ingame ads:
    The way I see it, the idea is that you get the game for free, and the developer getting revenues from ads.
    I hoped this business model would work. Now, question is, is this business model actually wanted by the big players (MSFT, EA, Activision etc)?

  2. Mark:

    I still love plenty of my old games; It’s quite funny to replay a game you never finished when you were younger, and to suddenly think “Why was this so hard back then?” 🙂

  3. David:

    I recently started playing ‘Wonder Boy 3: The Dragons Trap’ on my lunch break. I used to have it on my Master System. What a frachise that was.
    ‘The Dragons Trap’ is my favorite, and has all the qualities that make great games great. It was made in the days when game play was more important than graphics and still holds up now i’m replaying it. Leveling up game play on an 8-bit machine.

  4. Maupin:

    Wow, Ian refuses to watch any movie if it happens to be black and white? That is indeed sad. And almost unbelievable because usually you only expect that sort of bias from complete idiots.

    What of black and white movies that use the medium on purpose, like Young Frankenstein?

    My favorite black and white movie: Wages of Fear.

  5. Marza:

    Did the podcast just die? 🙁

  6. Paul:

    It’s not dead, just in cryogenic storage.

  7. icebrain:

    I realized only today that this post (Visiting the Village: Episode 49) is NOT the latest (most recent) post of the blog. Yet it is at the top of the blog, which made me miss out the new articles and particularly the information concerning the new version that couldn’t be found on IRC or the forums.

    I highly recommend that the real latest entry takes its place at the top of the blog or people will think it hasn’t been updated.