Two week timeout done on UK1

Two week timeout done on UK1

The two week timeout calcs have been done on UK1 – any game in which turn 1 has been taken by both sides and one side has not taken a turn for more than 2 weeks have been lost by that side.  Let me know any weird results.


Here is the list of all games won and lost due to timeouts.

15 Responses to “Two week timeout done on UK1”

  1. buster:

    Brilliant, thank you!

    I think some of us were given our two-weeks wins twice. The first time was around 17:00 GMT on 11 September. I got 12 free wins, which is the number of timeout wins I’ve got listed. Another example: TheBeefiest got 38 wins on 11 September, again the same number he’s listed for. The Elo points were not affected. (I have two copies of allRankings.txt from around then.)

  2. Ian:

    Thanks Buster, I’ll look into that – that sounds a bit concerning.

  3. buster:

    And you’re fixing it already! You’re a superhero.

  4. Ian:

    By the way buster – your w/l may be incorrect but your Elo will definitely be correct right now.

  5. nibarius:

    Should that timeout list you posted be complete? In my match history view I can find 3 games that I have won with a score of 1 that are timed out games. But none of these matches, or me for that matter is listed in the timeout.txt file. The matches are 170504, 131179, 92727 and were all played on UK1.

    On a related note, what should happen to games that only one player have taken a turn in? Do they time out eventually? My active games now mostly contains matches where I’ve taken one turn but the opponent haven’t done anything.

  6. Rakshasa:

    Regarding Elo— 2-week timeout granted me 25 wins and 1 loss, yet my Elo score dropped by almost 60 points. Why have I been penalized for winning games?

  7. Ian:

    There were an awful lot of timeout games, and the large rearrangement has had a big effect. I’ll look into your case – 25 wins should improve your Elo. Having said that, people’s Elos have generally fallen.

  8. LiK3aMONK3Y:

    My game didn’t even update..i still have 7/8 unfinished of which are my fault.

  9. Robert-Jon:

    Same here, lots of unfinished games!
    They didn’t update.

  10. Ian:

    Only games on UK1 which are more than 2 weeks old have been sorted out. If you believe you have a problem please put the id here.

  11. TriangleMan:

    I’m also not showing in that list (FS name is TriangleMan), although I’ve definitely been declared the winner in the four games I was owed (e.g. 161857).

  12. Robert-Jon:

    Ahhh now I see. I have a bunch of old games in my list but they’re all in turn 2. Which means my opponent did not prime his first turn. Sorry bout that!

  13. Abyssal_Knight:

    I have a small problem with a game I have won due (I think) to the new timeout changes (258432) – now showing up as requiring a turn in the ‘games’ window at the bottom of the screen. Posted full details in the bugs forum as it seems a few others are also having this problem. See: also reported by others here:

  14. Ian:

    Hi – I think that if you just load the game it will stop being in the Games window. I can fix this however.

  15. George:

    Isn’t two weeks a bit long? I started playing yesterday and already have about 8 unfinished games due to people leaving and not taking their turn when they are losing. Surely 24 hours would be better?