Hopefully exciting announcement about FS

Hopefully exciting announcement about FS

Guys, we have so much work on at the moment that we’re hiring a coder who will almost solely be responsible for Frozen Synapse in the next year.  I’m designing a lot of new stuff – units, game modes, more significant changes – and he’ll be helping us release those as well as making client and server patches and upgrades happen much more frequently.


I believe FS can be a game which lasts for years and years, but we at Mode 7 have to give it more attention than we currently can with just the three of us.

5 Responses to “Hopefully exciting announcement about FS”

  1. BreakDown:

    Best of luck!

    I hope the best for you guys at mode 7.

    Congratulations to “the new guy”!

  2. icebrain:

    It looks like a good news, but you need to hire someone who’s gonna solve the unsolved servers issues so that *finally* either we can stay on different servers or all be on the same and in both cases rankings and profiles be truly global and all games (ever created) accessible.

  3. icebrain:

    testing testing this is a test

  4. icebrain:

    testing from safari

  5. garyyo:

    i love you guys, and your game.