Frozen Synapse takes home two IndieVisibility Awards!

Frozen Synapse takes home two IndieVisibility Awards!

What’s that on top of my MackieHR824 monitor?  Could it be two awards for Frozen Synapse from the inaugural IndieVisibility awards?  Don’t worry, the Golden Teabags will be in their rightful place in the office soon.

Yep, we won Strategy Game of the Year and RockPaperShotgun’s Best Glowy Lines Award!

I was also nominated for Nicest Man and then beaten by a lawyer.  Fail.

Here we are accepting the Glowy Lines Award – you can see that I am ranting, typically…

Many thanks to Dan Marshall for organising the tomfoolery – it was cool to see a lot of UK indies in the same place behaving in a relatively acceptable manner.

Go here and check out a list of the other winners!

2 Responses to “Frozen Synapse takes home two IndieVisibility Awards!”

  1. Ian:

    Yay! Also an epicly terrible picture of me.

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