After having spent most of the last three months on FS iPad and next game prototyping, today I am officially beginning work on some Frozen Synapse features again.  James is hard at work on the updater (which is not proving straightforward) and bug fixes, and I’m working on a couple of nice features for a new update, before moving on to some seriously cool stuff for some DLC.  James, as soon as he finishes the updater, will be sorting out all the problems on the forums.  I know we’ve been late with this – a three-platform multiplayer game with no auto-updater is hard to patch quickly and safely, which is why we’re investing a lot in the auto-updater.


The first thing I’m working on is the Open Challenge system, described here:


Along with some generator tweaks, hopefully for release this week.



6 Responses to “Monday”

  1. FS Player:

    Awesome. I am so glad to see you guys back at work on FS for PC again!

  2. kissgz:

    Awesome news guys, really. Do you have an estimated release date for the iPad version? Also, will it work on the first gen iPads? Thanks in advance!

  3. Ian:

    iPad version – no actual date but we’re working on it as hard as we can. April if you want a COMPLETELY unofficial guess. And yes it will work on iPad 1.

  4. kissgz:

    Thanks Ian, completely unofficial guesses are my favourite! Waiting for it patiently.

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