Musical Endeavours and DLC

Musical Endeavours and DLC

I thought I would clarify / announce what is going to be happening with Frozen Synapse music in the near future.

Many, many people have asked for new music, so part of the first DLC will be musical!

There will be six pieces of music with the first DLC.

Two of these (Complexity and The Fix) were previously available in the Humble Indie Bundle build as a special extra, and four are completely new.  I have one finished (but not mixed) and one that is in progress currently.

I was really excited to see the soundtrack featured in Gamespot’s Best of 2011 recently, and the ongoing reaction to the music is one of the most encouraging things that has ever happened to me – seriously!

If you want to hear more about the music and also watch me making some of it on my incredibly infrequent live stream, it’s best to follow @mode7games on twitter.

8 Responses to “Musical Endeavours and DLC”

  1. Paul:

    And no, the first DLC is not *entirely* music, as I have just been asked.

  2. icepick37:

    Cannot wait! Need to get back into this game, but none of my friends are responding to challenges.

    Love the music! Cannot wait to hear more.

  3. Pepe:

    Nice!. But some of us are still waiting for 4 player support 😉

  4. Beckett:

    Will the DLC add co-op support?

    Pretty please?

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  6. Hawk:

    So, are you nervous_testpilot or _ensnare_, or both?

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  8. Patrick Gaither:

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