Frozen Synapse 2012-02-07 Changelog

New Features

All Platforms

  • *EDIT*: Extermination “opposite sides” maps occur less frequently, also have a zone you have to defend
  • AI Level 4 Added
  • New open challenge system
  • Much easier to update the game now
  • Pressing the I key now allows you to selectively ignore a unit by its number

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • Mid-turn/post-turn outcome change bug was fixed
    • Added a desynch warning to help prevent anything similar happening in future
  • Some changes made to the level generator
  • AI Level 3 crash fixed
  • Fixed an issue with the sniper


  • Fullscreen mode works again

6 Responses to “Frozen Synapse 2012-02-07 Changelog”

  1. FS Player:

    Where do we get the patch?

  2. James:

    You can request the download link by entering your email address at

  3. Hawk:

    Thank you for this changelist! I wasn’t sure what was new in the update.

  4. wonderhero:

    Great changes and features!

  5. Scorpion0x17:

    Presumably if one has the updater update installed, and has run FS in the last couple of days, then one probably has this build by now?

  6. Lemmywinks:

    Any idea when the Desura version will be updated?