Frozen Synapse Wins the IGF Audience Award!

Frozen Synapse Wins the IGF Audience Award!

It is an absolute privilege to win an award which is determined by a public vote – I want to say thank you so much on behalf of everyone at Mode 7.

I made this video as a token of my appreciation – time to collect your award!

9 Responses to “Frozen Synapse Wins the IGF Audience Award!”

  1. Virtual Piano:

    Virtual Piano…

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  2. Mr.TwisT:

    Congrats, guys! You deserve it! 🙂

  3. Steve_Yorkshire:

    You are “The People’s Champions”! And that tux brought a bit a class to the event with a smart/casual vibe.

  4. Logan Zolkowski:

    Very much congratulations. You deserve this reward entirely. Here’s to your future.

  5. Archagon:

    Very happy to see you win the award. Congratulations!

  6. Paul:

    Thanks everyone!

  7. wonderhero:

    Congratulations. Great idea, great music, great game. You deserve this.

  8. Bottles:

    That was so damn cool of you guys to do this! Frozen Synapse!:D

  9. TrogdorJoshLein:

    Hells Yes! My favorite game of all time, and not just cause its the only one I’m good at.