An update from Paul

An update from Paul

Hello, world – Paul here.

Ian usually does the regular updates but he is away at the moment because (shh…) it’s his birthday.

We have just about recovered from our IGF win – once again, thank you so much for supporting us.

Firstly, as they say on the internet, “I’ll just leave this here.” It’s a mashup of one of the tracks from the FS soundtrack and one from the AssCreed soundtrack, by the amazing Jesper Kyd:

We love any fan stuff like this (naturally, I like music stuff!) so tweet me with it if you’ve done something – @mode7games

James, Mango (who you may know from the FS IRC) and I are working hard on the iPad version this week. My goal is to have the entire UI functional and bug-free enough to use sensibly by Friday. This is a somewhat ambitious goal, as we’re adding a couple of completely new things and obviously changing quite a bit, but I wanted to get a whole picture.

After that, it will be refined a bit and then we’ll do a very closed beta on it (possibly just friends and family) before refining it further and rolling it out to a wider closed beta.

The team in the office will expand significantly soon as two of our freelancers will be coming in to work for a bit. I’m actually looking forward to that quite a bit as we’ll get a lot more done with everyone together.

Work will also continue on the DLC soon – as some of you have seen, we’ve released a limited beta which has been useful. Art for the new unit is in progress and we recently had a pass on some of the menus and UI’s getting everything ready for use by Actual Human Beings. Bin and I still have quite a bit of work to do on the single player but I’m confident that will go well and it won’t be too long before we can get that out.

GDC showed me just how limited the current tutorial and early part of the single player campaign still are. I think there is still definite room for improvement there. We will be doing a new tutorial for the iPad (naturally) and that may lead to some revisions to the PC version.

I wanted to write a little bit more about our GDC experiences as well as putting some video up, so hopefully I will get a chance to do that next week.

3 Responses to “An update from Paul”

  1. Shpuld:

    Cool stuff Paul, can’t wait for the DLC!
    Tell Ian I said ‘Happy Birthday!’

  2. wonderhero:

    Happy Birthday Ian!
    Cool soundtrack. I remember that the soundtrack was first thing that caught my attention before buy this game.

  3. A.A:

    thx for the post 🙂