We changed the ending of Frozen Synapse

We changed the ending of Frozen Synapse

A lot of people have been talking about endings recently.

So we decided to take some community suggestions and change the ending of FS…

Here is a video of the new ending (thanks Dongulator), which obviously contains spoilers:

If you want to see this without completing the game, you need to download the update and then do this:

Open the console with `
Close the console with ‘

If you are a Linux user, here’s Jimmeh to tell you how to update…

“Linux users can download the update from http://updates.mode7games.com/frozensynapse/fs_newending.zip

All they have to do is extract that zip file to the same directory they installed Frozen Synapse to (i.e. the one that contains the binary and the psychoff directory).”

This is not a criticism of Bioware or anything they have said / done.  It is an experiment: I wanted to know how this felt.  Honestly, it felt like vandalising my own work, which was interesting.

We took community suggestions about ponies and dinosaurs, as well as including the words “moist” and “dolphin-proof”.

The new ending will be around for about a week before it will disappear, and probably only be accessible as an easter-egg.

I am calling for other game developers to do this because I think it is a fascinating and weird thing to do.

Hope you like.

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  2. Jeremy:

    I am a Bioware fan who like most people, noticed that there are glaring plot holes in the ending and that it betrays the established canon of the first two games. I and many others have chosen to voice these flaws to Bioware.

    Other people are upset that what was promised was not delivered by an ending that is the same with very subtle changes.

    I Believe that I should only voice my concerns and then it is up to Bioware to decide what to do.

    To put it in an analogy
    “Mass Effect is Biowares baby and I would never think about telling them how to raise their baby. Yet, they might want to get that wart looked at.”

    I wish to Cooperate instead of oppose and I feel your statements on the issue have overlooked people like me. SOme may feel insulted by this but I remain composed.

    We’re not all raging and we’re not all forcing Bioware into changing. The impression that all we want is a fantastical and happy ending that conforms to our selfish wants is false. This impression is overshadowing actual concerns for the community and it causes us to make rash decisions out of fear of being ignored.

    We car for Mass Effect, the series and the creator

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  4. Jethal:

    Way to be a jerk to all the Mass Effect fans out here. Was anyone asking you to make a new ending for -your- game? Was the ending of your game so out of left field that it left your fans confused and disappointed with your work? No, I didn’t think so.

    Pony joke… Do you put yourself on par with Blizzard and Ghost Crawler? Did you promise a pony to someone? Oh hey it’s just because you wanted to have a troll face in your tolling video… Check. Good troll. /golfclap

  5. Green Rhonin:

    You guys are just terrible.

    You definitely lost one consumer.

    Hope your lil jab was worth it.

  6. BillyBobSnortin:

    No one played your game for the story. No one cared about the characters. The ending was irrelevant.

  7. JR Richardson:

    [deleted by request] – jimmeh

  8. JR Richardson:

    You know, I totally apologize for the previous. It wasn’t called for and if you’d delete it I’d appreciate it. I guess I’m the one who’s butthurt here.

    One thing about the internet, especially as I get older, is that my impulse control lags.

    That’s not the way I want to behave and I’m sorry.


  9. A Former Fan:

    I was following your studio with interest, and bought two copies of Frozen Synapse. You’ve misrepresented and insulted me as a customer. I will never buy a game from Mode 7 again – and what’s worse, this was a totally pointless excercise. No one played your game for the story and thus the narrative was absolutely unimportant.

  10. Tarage:

    I’m a developer in the industry and I have to say that I would never want to work with you or your ilk. You have proven to have no respect for your customers(free or not) and would sooner alienate a large disenfranchised group than try to understand them. I will never hire any of you.

  11. Wilson:

    I am enjoying these comments. More than 1 poster said No one played this game for the story thus narrative was unimportant/ending irrelevant.

    Not irrelevant enough apparently. Since you went so far as to say you’ll never purchase Mode 7 games again.

    So which is it? Is the ending irrelevant, or is it not? You can’t have such strong emotions to something that is completely irrelevant. You strong reaction implies relevance.

    Plus, I played for the story. So the “no one” in your comments is an over generalization. Unless I’m the only one in the entire world.

    OR is your strong reaction based not on the ending, but Mode 7’s opinion on the matter?

    You will never buy their games again because they have an opinion on 1 subject matter that doesn’t align with yours?

    Or You will never buy their games again because they run an easter egg style, limited time, social commentary ending on current events?

    How juvenile is this?

  12. John:

    I for one enjoy this new ending. Originally i was disappointed to find no ponies and dinosaurs were present in the ending sequence, even though they were alluded to several times during development. I was so disappointed i was considering boycotting future mode7 games in protest.

    The new ending with ponies and dinosaurs adds a whole new dimension to the game and sets new ground to expand the frozen synapse universe. Really, i can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

    Great work mode7! :)

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  14. BillyBobSnortin:

    The narrative of Frozen Synapse was not a selling point, nor a focus of praise from the greater critical sphere which makes the analogy that Mode7 is attempting to draw illogical and misleading. The story of Frozen Synapse exists only in the periphery of the gameplay, uninfluenced by user action and easily ignored at little detriment to the overall experience.

    Mode7 is ill informed or worse, purposefully creating acrimony by denigrating a segment of the gaming public in their effort to participate in the debate over the Mass Effect 3 controversy. This is forgivable as being ignorant is hardly a malicious act.

    The question in play, and the source of much of the looming backlash, is whether Frozen Synapse is the place to broadcast such an opinion. Using their game as a social platform to broadcast a potentially divisive opinion through an update is a far more controversial precedent (in my opinion) than a studio acquiescing to fan objections over an ending lacking closure for a game.

  15. cvj:

    Funny and actually interesting response. The internet allows the minority to create the illusion of the masses. I was disappointed in the ending of course but life goes on. I am sure you did this for publicity but it did work in your favor because now i am checking out your game and it will probably result in a sale.

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  17. Jonathan:

    Wow, I bought Frozen Synapse because of how highly recommended the game was but to see that the developers themselves are insulting their fans and customers alike is very insulting.

    I’m not going to buy any of your future games and I would tell people to not look forward to your releases anymore due to your horrible attitude.

  18. TIP:

    Argh I bought 10000 copies of our game now I will refuse to buy anymore of your games.

    Translation: I didn’t actually buy your game but I will make up a story to make you think I will cause your company to go out of business.

  19. Hibiki:

    Wow how childish. I’m so glad to see all these grown men and women taking Mass Effect just so seriously. Clearly a video game is totally worth insulting customers and fans of another series. Good job Mode7.

    Guess you can count me in with the other people since I wont be buying any more Mode7 games.

  20. Freazen:

    From every thing I’ve read it’s not really them taking a jab at the people upset over the ending of Mass Effect 3 it seems more like they just wanted to know how it felt to change the ending to their game in response to suggestions and the thoughts from those who have played the game.

    And the only reason they are actually putting the ending in to the game, and letting us, the people who play the game, see it is that it’s the only way for it to actually count(for lack of a better way of putting it).

  21. a200500:

    I think you really have misread why people are upset. I think game is an art form, I respect the hardwork and effort that goes into developing any game or project.

    However, when you market a product with the lead producers and writers stating multiple times in the public media that there will not be an ABC (RGB) ending and there will be wildly divergent endings available to all players. Quite simply it is false advertising and is a serious affront to trust consumers place in game designers in their vision.

    To mock the people who play and ultimately are the reason games exist is quite saddening. What will happen when developers and the reviews stop caring about what the players think and develop games free of any notion of a player on the other end and that they are just blank slates that the artist is free to scrawl over without any interaction. In our profession this type of activity is toxic and is the direct cause of a number of failures in the real world where the context of the situation is ignored.

    I hope you understand that you have your rights to express yourself freely but everyone else including your clients and consumers have that right as well. You don’t need to listen to them and they don’t need to listen to you.

    In the end it would all work better if there was a trust and dialog between the groups so that they can come to an understanding and when things are promised they will be delivered regardless of the initial state of a game.

    Also using a game as a vehicle for your personal opinion about games being changed due to opinions is circular. But there is hope you can still change it for the better (:


  22. Paul:

    I’m interested in the range of responses to this, from pure delight to flailing rage. in terms of harming the game as a whole, I strongly believe that if you hit this ending unawares, it would be an amazing experience in its own right. However, the original integrity of the game is being preserved, with it reverting to its original ending shortly.

    I’m not criticising or denigrating anyone by doing this. It’s a benign action intended to amuse and provoke debate.

  23. Jonathan Humphreys:


    I lol’d. (^_^)b

    If anything, it’s made me want to recommend FS a little harder than before. :)

  24. Swift:

    Count me in for pure delight. I find it strange that people care so much about what happens in a game after you’ve ceased to have any input.

  25. BillyBobSnortin:

    Hey Paul,
    Trolling isn’t the best way to provoke debate.

  26. MMyros:

    This is childish and insulting to consumers. Furthermore, it calls intelligence into serious question if you would voluntarily shove your game into the middle of a consumer backlash with elitist jabs, as if you couldn’t be bothered with the opinions of mere customers. Great job on this one.

  27. drshriv:

    Well I thought this was hilarious, stop being retarded fanboys and appreciate the joke for what it is worth!

  28. MMyros:

    Looks like they’ve found their target audience in you, drshriv. Stay classy.

  29. Amazed:

    This hoopla about a new ending to frozen synapse is just a ploy to gain publicity off of Bioware. Someone may have heard that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but that’s not exactly accurate…

    You won’t become an amazing success, like Bioware, if you don’t come to terms with the fact that your customers pay the bills. How’s that for an ending?

  30. Hawk:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get what all the fuss is about, because I didn’t watch the video, because I haven’t finished the FS campaign yet, and because I haven’t played any of Bioware’s games, nor do I know what Mass Effect is?

  31. Jonathan Humphreys:

    How can anyone beyond not know what Mass Effect is? It’s been advertised like crazy and has made the mainstream news for reasons both right and facepalm-worthy. o_O

  32. kaydet:

    I purchased a copy of your game on release. But after watching this trash, rest assured that I will never again make that same mistake.

  33. Control Conduit:

    I think it is clear that you don’t understand WHY ME3’s ending is “bad”. It isn’t an issue of outcome. It is an issue of QUALITY.

    BioWare lost their lead writer for Mass Effect. On top of that, the project ran way long and they were forced to wrap things up quickly. One of the things the developers put on the chopping block was the ending. It got a complete last-minute rewrite with a minimal complement of writers (allegedly, two) and was put on a massively shoestring budget, and it showed.

    The main hero character went completely passive. They actually used a God in the Machine ending. The character dialog choices were removed. Massive plot holes. Massively reused video with little distinction between the choices. Massively violated the theme of “choices and consequences” in the game.

    Not only did the ending completely fail on the writing, but it was cut extremely short. It was not a Mass Effect ending. They ended up violating the artistic integrity of the title.

    Fans called out BioWare on compromising the artistic integrity of the series. (Not to mention just plain producing a poor work.) BioWare got angry at the fans and claimed that the fans were trying to violate THEIR artistic integrity.

    BioWare is the first company to actually find an antidote to, “Shut up and take my money.” You have to work HARD in order to do this. Now, why Mode 7 is launching itself into the middle of this crappy situation, I have no idea. So your entry into this situation is confusing.

    Are you looking to do something similar?

  34. Jay Sommerfeldt:

    Came here looking to buy this great game that I hear so many good things about and I stumble upon this blogpost and find out that you seem to share Biowares sentiment that fans/customers should basically “shut up and swallow” even if what is served is a sh*t-sandwich. Well congratulations, I won’t be buying your game after all!

  35. Nbrt:

    Immature and insulting to anyone disappointed with me3’s ending, not just those vocal about it. Will not be purchasing anything else developed by the company.

  36. Ted:

    I wouldn’t call the donations to charity, along with numerous well written articles, posts, and blogs a childish over reaction. In fact, I think ME fans handled themselves quite well throughout this whole fiasco. There will always be trolls out there that should not be grouped in with the everyone else.

    I think it was a poor move for your company to take a shot at the folks that voiced their opinions constructively. Time will tell if that was a good business decision.

  37. doomleika:

    What an ass, I have bought your game at full 25$ price and you put insult people you have no clue about.

    I will not buy your game ever again.

  38. Errant Venture:

    I feel good for having pirated your game.

  39. Kirival:

    What a pretentious statement that you’re making about something you probably know little to nothing about. I’ve never heard of you before this but now I know to avoid you and tell my friends the same. There’s a reason you’re an indie studio without a large following and it probably stems partly from being rude and self-righteous.

    If you want to produce art produce art and advertise it as art. I BUY games and I am a CONSUMER of a PRODUCT. They are not poems for me to ponder over unless that is what I was promised. If I was told I would receive something it is my right as a consumer to get what was advertised.

    That said games can still be art and video games are still an art form, but the art is achieved in a dialogue between developer and player and the “artist” must still appease the customers by at the very least not lying to them.

    If Michelangelo told the Pope he would paint the ceiling and painted it blood red with a five pointed star on it he wouldn’t have received complaints he would have been executed. Here consumers are angry that what they were told they were getting wasn’t what they expected in the same why the frieze Michelangelo painted was art but he still had to conform to expectations because he was being paid for it.

    So all you people using the art argument…nuff said

  40. James:

    Good god that’s incredibly immature to do with your game. You clearly don’t understand what the movement is about. Let me explain why you are wrong.

    First off:
    The ending was not reviewed by the writers themselves.

    The ending was left intentionally vague to stir-up speculation as seen in their ‘Final Hours’ DLC.

    The ending was left without closure and didn’t follow mass effect’s whole theme.

    Calling gamers ‘Entitled’ to a product THEY BOUGHT sets an incredibly bad precedent to the industry.

    Now, please swat up before you go making any more alterations to make an ignorant statement.

    Thank you.

  41. Michael:

    You guys are real mature. And even now, you do not even understand WHY people don’t like the ending. This company is a joke.

  42. Random:

    Mode7 -> supporting game endings with huge plotholes.

    Btw, you made it to Reddit.

  43. Samefags:

    Sure is alot of samefaggotry in here. I bet its the same butthurt 10 year old posting multiple times, posing as multiple people. “waaaaah, a company has a different view than meee”. haha, sure been fun to read though.

  44. Mitch:

    Does anyone here get the feeling bioware has paid a bunch of goons to write generic “changed ending, will not buy” comments?

  45. Kai:

    You’re really smart. See a bunch of controversy, realize it’s a ticket for free advertising, and leap into it flailing and kicking at fans and customers alike to generate some interest in your Studio. Well, I hope you enjoy interest from the CoD crowd. <3

  46. Rob:

    Hahaha! Great job Mode7, I’ll be buying 10 copies of Frozen Synapse (on sale of course)!

    Cry some more Biodrones! Here’s to hoping you’ll realize your crappy shootan game IN SPACE owes you NOTHING whatsoever… or maybe not, Biodrones aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed if you know what I mean. 😉

    Just wish there were more developers like Mode7 who make actual good games!

  47. Harley:

    Wow. I actually like Frozen Synapse. Shame the developers are a bunch of immature morons. Will make sure not to buy their games again, I really don’t fancy being insulted by the companies I support.

    Sorry but Bioware’s confusing mess of the last five minutes of a fantastic trilogy genuinely needs a rewrite to even make sense to its biggest fans. As it stands, it feels like a big fat middle finger, telling me “nothing you did mattered, even though we sold this game to you by telling you your choices would matter in the end”.

    Sorry game developers, but rewriting, retconning, or expanding upon previous work is nothing new in literature and other art forms, and if you want to be considered an art form too, you need to be ready to do that when your audience tells you that your artistic vision has lead you down the wrong path.

    Another top tip… Remember that your art is going to be sold as a product, and don’t insult your own customer base. I mean, did you really think there would be no overlap between people utterly bemused by Bioware’s nonsense endings, and your customers? That’s pretty naïve. Bioware are actually trying to do the right thing and restore relations with their fans, because they understand how important they are to their future success. Too bad you’ve got your heads too far up your own backsides to realise the same.

  48. paketep:

    So funny. Oh my god, soooooooooo funny.

    I wish you guys would use your time to release a 4 player mode or proper LAN support, instead of wasting it in cheap PR stunts like this.

    And there’s no doubt that ME3’s ending was a slap in the face to every one of us that bought a ME game, not to mention a huge piece of shit. If you can’t see that, suit yourselves.

    How this this felt?. Like you’re pissing all over us, your customers. Congratulations.

  49. Paul:

    I keep saying this but I think it’s worth saying it again: this isn’t a direct comment on anything to do with Mass Effect or anything that Mass Effect fans think or want. I wanted to see what changing the ending of a game *felt like* and I wanted to create a little joke for long-term FS players. This is a temporary change – it’ll revert very soon.

    I think the idea of changing an ending is interesting, and the emotion that this engenders in people is fascinating from a writing perspective.

    If you feel that I am insulting you, I would like to know more about that, because I’m not doing so intentionally. I think a lot of people here are angry because they think I’m trivialising this idea or trying to make fun of something they want. On the contrary, if you had actually engaged with what I was doing in anything other than a knee-jerk manner, you would know that I wanted to open up *more* of a debate about this issue.

  50. Miczelov:

    Mr. Taylor – after seeing this “ending”, I’m pretty sure that you completely don’t know why fans are hate ME3 ending(s).

    We don’t want they, to give us “happy” ending, where pony’s would dance happy on green grass, under rainbow.
    We want a NORMAL ending, because this one is totaly illogical – like it’s made by other team, which totaly don’t know what game is about.

    Next – BioWare promised us that our decisions made ingame will have affect in many endings. The truth is that they broke that promise.
    There’s no matter what we do through all 3 games (cure genophage or not; help quarians, or geths to win a war, or make them peace) were always going to same point, where we comeing to citadel, and making choice A, B, or C (what Casey Hudson promised that wouldn’t happened).

    The funniest thing is that the ME3 is last of trilogy, but ME1 and ME2 have much more complicated endings (with much more variables) than the in last game…

  51. (Previously) A fan:

    I now regret buying your game on Steam. However, thank you for showing exactly how professional you are now; at least I now know not to ever give you my business on Steam.

    You’ve lost another customer and fan. Hope the jab was worth it.

  52. (Previously) A fan:


    It’s pretty obvious that you weren’t looking to “open up debate”, but were rather using this as an opportunity to relay your own opinions on the matter. The new ending says

    “We go through a lot of things in life. Not all of them are under our control. But that’s ok, but it’s water under the bridge, right? We can’t expect the outcome of our stories to conform to our own preconceptions.”

    I’d like to point out that the last sentence in that quote there clearly shows you don’t even understand the issue. This is not about “our own preconceptions”. There are well documented statements made by bioware employees regarding how choices etc would be reflected in that ending.

    Please don’t try and twist what you were originally trying to do, which was patronize those of us who have problems with the mass effect 3 ending. Quite frankly, it’s even more embarrassing than the childishness you’ve already displayed by doing this in the first place.

  53. Not a Fan:

    congrats, you made it to reddit

  54. facepalm:

    wouldn’t it be so funny if (other game dev) saw your result of this and say “told you”

    STILL <333 you tho… but yea…

  55. lolwat:

    Paul: O.O “oh no im starting to get a bad rep”
    Days Later
    Paul: O.O “oh no… im on reddit now”
    Days Later
    Paul: O.O “OMG im a MEME now… wait..” ^_^

  56. waitwhat:

    when awkward people try to be cool…

    awkward things happen

  57. The End | The World of Richie Stacker:

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  58. Paul:

    (Previously) A Fan, have you thought about the voice of the narrator in the final cutscene at all?

  59. another fan:

    Eat a Dick, Paul. Just eat a Dick, okay?

  60. Miczelov:

    @another fan – I do not support what Mr. Taylor writes about the change of the end of ME3, but please keep cultural discussion.

    We’re here not to insult him, but just to introduce him to our point of view.

    So Paul – did you played Mass Effect games, to tell us that we have no right to demand more complex ending/endings?

  61. Miczelov:

    And please read my earlier comment until you respond. (comment no.49 – I wrote there what is IMO wrong with actual ME3 ending)

  62. FireFlash:

    I am also very entertained by this. I very much enjoyed Frozen Synapse from beginning to end, and find this new and temporary social experiment ending as very entertaining. Most people are taking the temporary change as a direct attack against them for wanting the ending to Mass Effect 3 changed.

    What is interesting is how many of you people are taking this so seriously, as if it were a direct attack upon you for not liking the ending to ME3 and wanting it changed. I too would like something done about that, but I do believe you are all missing the point. I don’t see how what the devs have done to FS should really upset you that much. They’ve definitely found out something through the social experiment. It’s a temporary (and very funny) change to the ending. Nobody is making fun of or attacking you. It’s all tongue-in-cheek.

    If anything, I think this ME3 ending business has shown everyone just how pathetic us the fans really are because there are far too many dwelling on something to the point of getting upset to a degree that makes one question your sanity in real life.

    This has clearly proven that endings do matter, and people take them seriously if they are invested.

  63. SojaBird:

    I say very well done you guys.

    I’m no “fan” of any studio or game at all, I just like the way people handle things differently.

    I am very shocked about how selfish and impossible people have become by thinking they can demand things from people they don’t know. If you pay someone a certain amount of money (the price for a game), that doesn’t mean that you’re opinion is what should be listen to. Sure, it will be taken into account but that’s all.

    A pretty fitting quote I use sometimes while having a pointless conversation: “Give me 5 bucks and I’d say you are right” (something along those lines).
    It just doesn’t make sense to have conversations like they’ve been going on, on the internet about something that must be considered as a consumable piece of art.
    I know some people might think differently about games being an art-form, though you must be right about a game being consumable.
    It’s rather strange that you are not going to complain at a supermarket when your crisps don’t taste like you’ve expected (they taste like nuts for example). The thing is, you are not going to complain because it’s on the packaging?

    To get back to the point, and to give a quick shout-out to Mode7: well done. You’ve certainly created a little stir in.. well some communities and I think that’s a good thing. People get upset when things aren’t quite right completely. What isn’t right in this case, well that’s to all the people who think they know what they talk about 😉

    take it easy and HAVE FUN PLAYING!

    The Netherlands.

  64. Hawk:

    All endings should be happy endings . . . if you’re getting my drift . . .

  65. Pete:

    So, I read the explanation for this experiment. The bit where you took suggestions from your community for the ending, made changes. The bit where you said you meant no disrespect to ME3 fans, devs etc. Did everyone else here do the same? Or just read a referring page (kotaku, reddit) and watch the video?

    Because having done the above I am not offended. Here are some guys trying things out from the ‘other’ side of the fence. They have a game, so they can do what fans are asking of Bioware. Most of those fans don’t have this opportunity. And the guys from FS are sharing the experience with the rest of us. (And being pretty good sports about the shit getting flung their way.)

    Could it be that, once again, people are upset about something else and taking it out on the wrong people?

  66. Paul:

    Thanks Pete, I appreciate that.

    If people are genuinely upset by this then I do want to hear why, as that wasn’t my intention. However, I am yet to find someone who, like you, fully engaged with what I was actually doing and still found it offensive.

  67. Paul:

    Miczelov, thanks for your comments as well, but actually I don’t have an opinion on the end of ME3: I haven’t played the last two games yet. I liked the first one though.

  68. airpi:

    Yo, fuck all these haters.

  69. Capurot:

    Paul, let me asure you the only reason a not very vocal majority is not saying what I’m about to say is because they are probably enjoying FS as we speak, because its an awesome and unique game in the first place.

    What they would say is : Screw all those self-called fanatics. Taking offense is just a silly whine. Do all the experiment you like (just don’t break FS’s gameplay that would just be too sad)

    And now I’m gonna get back to trying to reach this alternate ending before it goes “off-line”

  70. Miczelov:

    @Paul – if you will have some free time, I recommend you to play :) Both – ME2 and ME3 😉
    Yes – ME3 too, because only ending is crappy – all other game is really great :)

  71. Paul:

    Ha ha thanks – I would like to play both at some point! :-)

  72. Tom:

    Of course you jump on the troll bandwaggon.

    If a megajoint like BioWare can screw up royally then of course it can happen to you too.

    The idea of gamers finally becoming “aware” consumers that won’t take “we got your money already love it or hate it we don’t care” must be quite threatening to this industry as a whole.

  73. Paul:

    Hi Tom,

    How is this relevant to what we did? I’m not jumping on a bandwagon because I’m not making a comment about Mass Effect 3.

    I’m very aware that companies should respond to communities – I indicated that sentiment by taking community suggestions for this new cutscene.

    If you’re referring to the text “…we don’t care if you like it” in the cutscecne, could you explain to me why you decided to take that line as a literal statement of our sentiments as a company?

  74. William:

    You say that is nothing against Bioware, but you treat their fanbase as morons who cant get what they want. Mass Effect has a deep and interactive story, who has attracted lot of people who are emotionally attached to it. Your game…well, it has a story…and thats it. Also, its not bad to listen to your community, they can give you good ideas! But you just mock both Bioware community and yours by using irony. Quite unprofessional from you…try to improve instead of insulting

  75. Paul:

    Hi William,

    “…but you treat their fanbase as morons who cant get what they want.”

    When have I made any assertion or even implied indirectly that the Bioware fanbase are morons? Please can you let me know?

    “Also, its not bad to listen to your community, they can give you good ideas!”

    When have I said that it is bad to listen to your community? Surely my actions in taking suggestions directly from the community might imply that I believe that to be the correct path to take? We have a free update on the way for FS with two major community requests included in it.

    “But you just mock both Bioware community and yours by using irony.”

    Can you please tell me where I have “used irony” to do this?

  76. Evanz:

    Heh Paul dude.

    You did offended people by trolling them (“we don’t care if you like it”)
    and by saying that you “feel like vandalising your own work.”

    But you just did. It is obvious to me and I am not a hardcore me fan or a kid but a gamedev insider, that you have no idea about:
    – promises made by BioWare to their fans
    – all the hate Retake ME movement got from IGNorant journalists
    – never saw a ME3 yourself, never saw the ending
    – never saw this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M0Cf864P7E&feature=related

    Who the hell are you anyway? What is this mode 7 and frozen synapse stuff anyway? Why should I care?

    Gamers are our customers. They pay us money. We sell them what they like, because otherwise they would not buy it, right?

    If you own a restaurant, and some guy comes and orders a soup, eats 19 spoons of that and founds a bug in last one… Are you going to tell him “oh but the other 19 spoons were delicious”; “oh but it is my artistic license”; “oh, but I won’t give you a new soup without a bug, it would be vandalising my own work”; “you pay for it, I don’t care if you like it”. What a nonsense.

    Seriously, are the people who order soup at your restaurant entitled to a good meal?

    It seems to me that only in video games are you not allowed to complain about a product you paid for when it fails to meet expectations and or requirements.
    If you do, they will call you spoiled, entitled, drooling fandrone…

    You, sir, are completely missing the point of all this mess with ME3 ending.

  77. Paul:

    Can I just ask what you think about the context of “we don’t care if you like” it and what, exactly, about that context led you to believe that you should read that literally?

    Imagine we are having a conversation. During the conversation, I reach down under the table and I pull out a donkey costume. As we are talking, I stand up, slowly put on the donkey costume and sit back down at the table. Do you think that would convey gravitas and seriousness to the next words to come out of my mouth?

    This did feel like vandalising my own work – it was fun. I didn’t take the new ending completely seriously, whereas I did the previous one. I’m not implying that all new endings need to have this quality of vandalism – I’m just telling you what it felt *for me* to make this precise change.

    Why are you asking me a load of things about Mass Effect 3? I don’t understand how that relates to the ending of Frozen Synapse.

    I liked your soup analogy, but I don’t really understand how that relates to anything I’ve said or done. I haven’t made a comment about whether I believe the complaints about ME3 are justified: in fact, I’ve said nothing whatsoever about Mass Effect 3, because I know nothing about it.

    If I’m missing the point of “all this mess with the ME3 ending” surely that’s because nothing I have done is in any way related to it whatsoever?

  78. Evanz:

    “If I’m missing the point of “all this mess with the ME3 ending” surely that’s because nothing I have done is in any way related to it whatsoever?”

    Of course not.

    Just changing the ending of your game and then making a statement that “This is not a criticism of Bioware or anything they have said / done” is of course done to prove that, isn’t it?

    And I am such a naive person that I am going to believe you.

    “Can I just ask what you think about the context of “we don’t care if you like” it and what, exactly, about that context led you to believe that you should read that literally?”

    Perhaps I just can’t read your mind and I am somehow missing that moment “That’s a brilliant idea! Nobody should take it seriously!” that made you did what you did.

    Take pity and help me see a bigger picture.

  79. Paul:

    What possible reason would I have to make a public statement about something in which I demonstably have no interest and then repeatedly deny doing so? Surely it’s more probable that you’re misinterpreting my actions – is that something you’re willing to consider?

    I haven’t played Mass Effect 3; I haven’t followed the controversy very closely; it doesn’t really interest me. What does interest me is the idea of changing an ending, as I have said many many many times. Why can’t I take inspiration from an idea associated with a controversy without being endlessly lambasted for commenting on it.

    If I am commenting on it, then what do you think I’m saying? Whose side do you think I’m on? Because if I went through the cutscene and tried to read it as a commentary on the Bioware situation, I certainly couldn’t tell you the answer to that.

    I don’t see what reading my mind has to do with interpreting a piece of text that I wrote. Surely when reading something you think about the context and tone, otherwise you would only be able to parse all text as literal statements?

  80. Evanz:


    From what you did and what you said it is pretty obvious that you wanted some extra scandal promotion.

    There is nothing wrong with that, when it is done properly.

    However, you clearly stated that you simply had *no idea* what is wrong with ME3 ending.

    What you should do is to expand on your ending, then stating that “It has nothing to do with BioWare, I just wanted to experiment with the idea. I think my players deserve better. It was great fun btw”. That would instantly win you support of tens of thousands of angry BW fans (there are that many, retake me movement has over 50k people, and there are more that are not part of the movement who are just as angry with the ending). Since they managed to raise over 80k $ to donate to charity, I’m sure that some of them would buy your game just to show you that they appreciate what you did.

    Instead you put some trash text (the one you say shouldn’t be taken literally… man,man…), pink t-rex in the hat and pink pony with troll face.
    So people have all the right to feel trolled.
    U mad bro?

    Seriously, if your competitor is losing business, then it is a very good idea to come in and seize their fan-base and it’s money.

    But if you really felt like trolling already angry people is good for self-promotion, then it is just sad.

    I would suggest re-considering your marketing strategy.

  81. Paul:

    The pony and dinosaur were requested by the community. Do you not see the irony in complying with a community request and then stating “We don’t care if you like it?” Isn’t it unbelivably clear that both things nullify each other?

    I don’t want to make this into a comment about Bioware, or use this situation to support either side of that argument, because I have absolutely no right to do that. You’re effectively telling me that I should have done the exact thing that you are accusing me of ALREADY having done.

    People have the right to feel trolled by a faux-trolly game ending that was intended as a community joke when all they have done is read a news item about it? Really?

  82. Paul:

    Also, where have I stated that I have “no idea” what is wrong with the Mass Effect 3 ending? I have never made a direct comment about the ending – why would I start making statements about the ending of a game I have never played?

  83. Miczelov:

    @Paul – probably fault is on side of some gaming sites… Many of news, is written about your experiment, like it’s you attacking in this way players who don’t like ME3 ending.

    I must be honest with you – first time I came here because I read such a news. And I’m sorry for that, because now – after discussion with you in this comments – I realized that really it’s only your experiment (perhaps a little inspired by all this storm around ME3 ending).

  84. Paul:

    I’m glad you’ve come round to that opinion. Unlike many, many people, you have taken the time to actually have a civil discussion with me and then been brave enough to change your view based on information – I salute you sir!

    I think this has actually been represented quite well by most of the media – pretty much everyone has included my assertion that it is not a comment on the ME3 ending. I think the problem comes from people having a preconception, then watching a video of the cutscene quickly without taking the time to think about what they are actually reading.

  85. Lynn:

    You felt like you were vandalising your own work. But consider this – you were going from an ending to a non-ending. From what I’ve read, ME fans are asking for BioWare to do the opposite.

    I can’t say for myself because I stopped playing ME2 about halfway through – when I felt that the story was beginning to fall apart.

    Even as someone who has long since become disillusioned with Bioware and feels they could have made a better effort, I’m not at all offended by your alternate ending. And to be honest it came across more as a jab at BioWare to me, not it’s fans. “Stuff happened and you fixed it” was almost word for word how a ME fan described to me the ME3 ending. Vague, pointless and lacking in closure.

  86. Paul:

    “You felt like you were vandalising your own work. But consider this – you were going from an ending to a non-ending. From what I’ve read, ME fans are asking for BioWare to do the opposite.”

    I actually don’t know what ME fans are asking of Bioware in general; the “change the ending” suggestion just came from a twitter comment I happened to read.

    I’m glad the ending didn’t offend you!