Frozen Synapse: Red expansion pack is out now!

Frozen Synapse: Red expansion pack is out now!

Firstly, thank you so much for your votes and vocal support in the IGF this year: winning the Audience Award was a career highlight for us so far and you made it happen.

As some of you will have noticed, we recently launched some new free features for Frozen Synapse. Here they are:

– Hotseat Mode

Local multiplayer comes to Frozen Synapse! Play against another human (or semi-human) using one computer.

– Timed Turns

This forces a time-limit on turn submission, a bit like Speed Chess.

– Preset Multiplayer Maps

Non-randomised maps for competitive play. The first one (“Calliope”) is live now and we hope to launch another soon. We hope you like these maps: do drop us a line and let us know what you think of them, as well as the sort of map you’d like to see in future.

Just log in to FS and update to get hold of those.

Today also marks the launch of “Frozen Synapse: Red”, our first paid expansion pack.

Have a look at this trailer:

Here is the features list:

– Full co-op (2 vs. AI) for the single player campaign

– A new unit (riot shield)

– A new multiplayer game mode (“Upload”)

– Three mutators (gameplay modifiers for advanced users)

– 15-mission single player campaign

– 10 single player challenge missions

– 6 additional music tracks by nervous_testpilot (2 previously available in the Humble Indie Bundle)

– Original music tracks “Deeper” and “Focus” unlocked during gameplay

– “Impeccable Micro”, a free chiptune album from _ensnare_

– The infamous “Red Mode”: it makes things red….

– All online features, including co-op, can be shared between expansion owners and non-owners, meaning that there is no division in the community

Frozen Synapse: Red is available now from and Steam, with other distributors to follow shortly.

A lot of work has gone into making Red: we hope you like it. If you have any questions, issues or comments then comment away.


If I buy the DLC from Y, will it work with X?

Yes.  If you purchase direct and want to play on Steam, you’ll need to activate your DLC key on Steam.  That should be the only faff.

24 Responses to “Frozen Synapse: Red expansion pack is out now!”

  1. Fractal:

    This looks pretty damn faultless. You neatly avoided splitting the playerbase too! I look forward to playing hotseat in particular, though the arguments for Red mode are pretty compelling.

  2. Brownd:

    Wow, it’s really out already! Great! (actually not so much, I won’t be able to get it atm… but that’s just me)

  3. Brownd:

    Is the additional soundtrack music inside the Steam DLC? Or will I need to own the original Soundtrack DLC there too? (had the Humble one)

  4. Fractal:

    How does it work with regard to the Humble version and the steam version? If I get the version through the FS store, will it work on steam, and vice versa?

  5. Paul:

    If you buy direct and you are playing on Steam, then you need to activate the key on Steam. Direct keys (and Steam keys) will work with Humble version.

  6. Fractal:

    Cheers, that was super easy (activating FS store key on steam. The only other potential thing that would be cool would be some Red achievements. Now to wait for the download!

  7. Paul:

    We should add achievements defo – will look into it

  8. Red:

    Awesome and thanks for the DLC!
    Maybe I’m missing something, but what does Red Mode do besides turning everything red? It doesn’t say anywhere…

  9. RegretZero:

    @Red “- The infamous “Red Mode”: it makes things red….”

    As far as I know that’s all it does.

  10. Peter Poppleknocker:

    Probably an idiot question, but where can I find the soundtrack once I have bought the DLC?

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  12. Machinista:

    Awesome! Linux update via Desura please guys (HiB version)


  13. Hawk:

    Where do we get Impeccable Micro?

  14. Joe MacDonald:

    Awesome! I hadn’t been paying attention until I saw the announcement about FS:Red pop up in my steam news feed. I actually bought FS though HIB because it was available for Linux but I do still boot to Windows for some games and activated FS on Steam as well.

    Is there a way I can buy one copy and play it both on my Linux machine and through Steam on Windows, or will I need a second copy?

  15. Ben:

    I echo Hawk’s question as well. I purchased from your site, just got the game + Red soundtrack. No Impeccable Micro link?

  16. Paul:

    Sorry about that – ’twas a mistake. Can you contact support at mode 7 games dot com if you ordered direct and didn’t get Impeccable Micro? Send your fastspring order info in the email. Many apologies.

  17. Paul:

    Also if you have any other technical issues, please contact support – can’t deal with them all here on the blog unfortunately.

  18. Mark:

    Will other digital download sites be selling this? Or just Steam and direct? Specifically interested in GreenManGaming (who do sell the base game) as I have credit there I could spend on this

  19. BreakDown:

    Just purchased the DLC, its GREAT!

    Many thanks Mode 7 for such an awsome game!

    Hope to see more DLC like this in the future!

  20. Richard:

    The readme.txt says: “Please note, both players must own “Frozen Synapse: Red” in order to be able to play co-op.”

    But on this page Paul says: “All online features, including co-op, can be shared between expansion owners and non-owners…”

    I’m confused. Could you guys please clarify this point?

  21. Paul:

    The help and readme are NOT correct – you do not need to both own Red. That was an error – sorry about that!

  22. Richard:

    Thanks, Paul!

  23. Lolle:

    Heey! I bought the red expansion.. But I can’t find the fantastic music that comes with it!! Where can I find this? 🙂

  24. Lolle:

    It’s me again.. Found it! 😀
    Love this game and it’s music!!! Nervous-Testpilot is awesome too!!
    Keep up the good work!! 😀