Visiting the Village: Episode 50

Visiting the Village: Episode 50

Visiting the Village is back! We discuss Rezzed, re-selling digital games and a whole host of other tomfoolery.

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3 Responses to “Visiting the Village: Episode 50”

  1. Herr_Alien:

    @allowing used games on digital distribution channels:
    Dunno. The software behind needs to be changed accordingly, and since most publishers hate second hand game sales, I can see a crappy, horrible to use, hidden implementation of the mechanism.
    I think it will affect a lot the games with little replay value: finished the campaign? Sell the game and use the money to get another one.
    Multiplayer games will be almost unaffected.

    Ian, you mention being able to play the game forever. This harps back to DRM vs. piracy.

  2. BreakDown:

    Excellent! downloading right now.

  3. BreakDown:

    Will you record the podcast regularly? weekly maybe?