Support the Torque Linux fundraising drive

Support the Torque Linux fundraising drive

GarageGames are seeking funding to make their open source game engine Torque3D fully Linux native.  Here is a list of why I think people should support them:


  • Torque, for reasons I’ve never fully understood, has never got the traction I think it deserves.  It’s too complex for real beginners (who should look to Unity), and coders with the skill to really tame it tend to dislike its structure and the work required to learn it.  But if you’re serious about making a fully-featured game, Torque will give you a massive head start with the features you want from an engine.  Being full-source gives you considerable freedom you don’t get from the cheapish versions of other big-name engine.
  • Torque is free and open source.
  • Linux is about to explode for gaming.  If the rumours of a Linux-based console from the fantastic Valve are true then Linux gaming is going to be incredibly important in the next decade.
  • I like what GarageGames are doing with this funding drive.  They’re asking for a reasonable amount ($30k) to support a single developer to port the engine properly to Linux.  This isn’t a nebulous kickstarter – you know exactly what they’re doing with the money.
  • Frozen Synapse was made with Torque.
  • Our next game, which we have been working on for 15 months and we hope to announce early next year, uses Torque.  We want to support Linux to the same extent we support Windows and OSX, and it would be fantastic if the engine we are using was professionally ported to Linux.

Torque has a real opportunity to be the leading indie engine for Linux.  These guys are doing it the right way – I think they deserve our support.  Here’s the link.

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