Frozen Endzone



We’re proud to announce Mode 7’s third game: Frozen Endzone!

It’s a tactical future sports game, and we’re looking forward to telling you more about it.

There is an announcement trailer which we think you should examine.

We’re asking for your vote on Steam Greenlight – please vote and let Valve know that you would like the game on Steam.   We really want to build up a big community on there as we’ll be posting development updates and other things, so join the community!

Thanks for the support you’ve shown us with Frozen Synapse – we really hope you’re interested in this new project – we have put a lot into it to get it to this stage.  Let us know what you think.

9 Responses to “Frozen Endzone”

  1. erik:

    Frozen Endzone looks good — Blood Bowl doesn’t do it for me.

    Two questions:

    Any customization available for the player’s robots? Maybe we can slap some custom decals on them?

    And what’s defense look like? I assume you just pick man or zone?

  2. Paul:

    There will definitely be a lot of customisation options.

    Defense and offence work the same way: you design the play yourself per turn, mapping out the individual routes with an interface that’s a lot like Frozen Synapse.

  3. Cyron:

    Yeah, pretty excited about this guys 🙂

  4. thebeefiest:

    why do you guys have to claw your way through greenlight?

    I thought that was the whole controversey behind Warz (an exploitive ripoff shitpile) got onto steam just because they released something else on the service already?

  5. Paul:

    Answered a bunch of questions, including the above, in the new FAQ

  6. Archa:

    This looks really nice. Can’t wait to put my hands on it. Now, when I see what it is – frozen American football – it is just totally You 😀
    P.S. The font in the teaser looks like my favorite one in the world – Orbitron. That true?

  7. Paul:

    Archa! Yes, it’s orbitron.

  8. Archa:

    Damn! I love that font so much! 😀

  9. BoredOctopus:

    This looks fantastic!

    Is there any chance that the game might allow someone to amend things like the pitch dimensions/contents and the number of players on each team? Or perhaps even tweak the rules slightly to become closer to American football (4 chances for a team to move the ball a certain distance forward)

    I understand that the American football connection has not been popular with some people, but I would love to see this possibility.