What Mode 7 is working on right now!

What Mode 7 is working on right now!



Frozen Synapse 2

The “open world tactics” sequel to 2011’s award-winning tactical masterpiece.  Check it out.

Stuff We’ve Done Before

Frozen Cortex (PC, Mac, Linux)

A simultaneous turn-based tactical game: think Speedball meets Blood Bowl.  Check it out on Steam!

Frozen Synapse (PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android)

A simultaneous turn-based squad tactics game.  Multi-award winning et cetera.  Have a look!

We collaborated with Double 11 on Vita, PS3, PC and other versions of their reboot Frozen Synapse Prime as well.

Determinance (PC)

Super weirdo sword-fighting game where you swing the sword with the mouse.

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    […] I’m going to start this process by making a sticky post here on the blog that I’ll update when anything changes about what we’re doing.  Take a look here. […]

  2. BreakDown:

    I cant wait for Frozen Endzone!

    Just came here to let you know that if you start a kickstarter for this project i would back you up, and im sure many more will too.

    I have a question, do i need to know how american football works to play the game?

  3. Paul:

    Hey thanks! No, you definitely don’t need to know the rules of football – Endzone has very different rules anyway. More info about this will be out soon.

  4. BreakDown:

    Will Frozen Synapse: Tactics be available for PC too? or is it just a playstation exclusive?

    I assume you are done creating content for Frozen Synapse. Is there any posibility we will see Frozen Synapse 2 in the future?

    My best wishes for Mode 7!

  5. zelgaris:

    I am looking forward to Frozen Endzone, but actually more interested in the Frozen Synapse: Tactics.
    Does it mean, that PS3/Vita owners will get new, better, more polished version of Frozen Synapse, and we, faithful PC gamers, will be left with the original one? Don’t get me wrong – I like the original graphics, but the new visuals could bring new people to the game.
    But in case it’s only a PS3/vita, well, that’s a shame.

  6. BreakDown:

    I just saw the pc gamer interview, and i have a very small question.

    You said something along the lines that the “length” of first turn in a game of Frozen Endzone determines the time the second player has to analyze and make their decision.

    Am i understanding it correctly if i assume that you are referring to the “in game” time you have to move your units? Just like every turn in Frozen Synapse is 5 “in game” seconds long even if you take 5 minutes to think about the strategy you will employ?

  7. Paul:

    Hey Breakdown,

    Yes, we mean the amount of in-game time your units have to move around, in contrast to the length of time you have to make the plan.

    We’ll be releasing a video soon that shows how planning and gameplay in general work in more detail.

  8. BreakDown:

    Many thanks for the clarification.

    Cant wait to know more about the game, it looks really promising.

  9. Tian:

    You definitely should make some 2vs2 mode in Frozen Synapse;) and a webplayer where everyone could watch replays 🙂

  10. Holy.Death:

    I just bought Frozen Synapse. I wanted to check this place to see if it has been abandoned and I see you’re going to develop Frozen Endzone? Man… I think I am going to buy this one.

  11. Strategy Games:

    Must have on Android!

  12. Strategy Games:

    PSN? Cool! When are you guys gonna give another update or more news?