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What Mode 7 is working on right now!

What Mode 7 is working on right now!

Frozen Cortex (PC, Mac, Linux)

This is a brand new tactical future-sports game!  See the official site for more info.  The game is now available in Early Access and will be released later in 2014.

Frozen Synapse (iPhone)

Includes a new UI based on the iPad version.  This will be out before the end of the summer 2014.

Frozen Synapse is currently available on PC, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android devices.  Take a look at the official site.

Frozen Synapse: Tactics (PS Vita, PS3)

This is a complete graphical overhaul of the game, which retains the same core gameplay as the desktop versions.  It’s being handled 100% by our amazing development partners Double Eleven.

Check on their Twitter for updates.

Please don’t ask us questions about FS: Tactics as we won’t be able to answer them – ask Double11!

Chiptune Rush

A store for the very best of chiptune music.  Check it out!

Untitled New nervous_testpilot Album

This should be out in 2015.  Take a listen to nervous_testpilot’s other music here.


12 Responses to “What Mode 7 is working on right now!”

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    […] I’m going to start this process by making a sticky post here on the blog that I’ll update when anything changes about what we’re doing.  Take a look here. […]

  2. BreakDown:

    I cant wait for Frozen Endzone!

    Just came here to let you know that if you start a kickstarter for this project i would back you up, and im sure many more will too.

    I have a question, do i need to know how american football works to play the game?

  3. Paul:

    Hey thanks! No, you definitely don’t need to know the rules of football – Endzone has very different rules anyway. More info about this will be out soon.

  4. BreakDown:

    Will Frozen Synapse: Tactics be available for PC too? or is it just a playstation exclusive?

    I assume you are done creating content for Frozen Synapse. Is there any posibility we will see Frozen Synapse 2 in the future?

    My best wishes for Mode 7!

  5. zelgaris:

    I am looking forward to Frozen Endzone, but actually more interested in the Frozen Synapse: Tactics.
    Does it mean, that PS3/Vita owners will get new, better, more polished version of Frozen Synapse, and we, faithful PC gamers, will be left with the original one? Don’t get me wrong – I like the original graphics, but the new visuals could bring new people to the game.
    But in case it’s only a PS3/vita, well, that’s a shame.

  6. BreakDown:

    I just saw the pc gamer interview, and i have a very small question.

    You said something along the lines that the “length” of first turn in a game of Frozen Endzone determines the time the second player has to analyze and make their decision.

    Am i understanding it correctly if i assume that you are referring to the “in game” time you have to move your units? Just like every turn in Frozen Synapse is 5 “in game” seconds long even if you take 5 minutes to think about the strategy you will employ?

  7. Paul:

    Hey Breakdown,

    Yes, we mean the amount of in-game time your units have to move around, in contrast to the length of time you have to make the plan.

    We’ll be releasing a video soon that shows how planning and gameplay in general work in more detail.

  8. BreakDown:

    Many thanks for the clarification.

    Cant wait to know more about the game, it looks really promising.

  9. Tian:

    You definitely should make some 2vs2 mode in Frozen Synapse;) and a webplayer where everyone could watch replays :)

  10. Holy.Death:

    I just bought Frozen Synapse. I wanted to check this place to see if it has been abandoned and I see you’re going to develop Frozen Endzone? Man… I think I am going to buy this one.

  11. Strategy Games:

    Must have on Android!

  12. Strategy Games:

    PSN? Cool! When are you guys gonna give another update or more news?