Frozen Endzone July Update

Frozen Endzone July Update


We will be pushing an update for Frozen Endzone at the end of July.

We’ve also been working heavily on single player content which isn’t ready to release yet. I’ll talk about that a bit in a moment but first, here’s what you can expect in the update…


Change List

– OSX and Linux builds

– Completely overhauled AI including much faster performance and much more intelligent play

– Significant performance improvements: frame rate should be 50-100% improved on most hardware

– Big loading time improvements

– Major aesthetic updates and improvements including…
– new ball
– many new animations
– new throws, new catches, new tackles
– several new stadiums
– other minor graphical improvements with a lot more to come


UI improvements:
– throwing UI improved
– intelligent interception-radius rendering
– indicator for whether a move location is “safe” or not

– Minor rules changes to reduce the need to “keep playing when the match is clearly over”; other gameplay improvements

– Quite a few new gameplay options to play around with in the Custom Game editor.

– Some commentary improvements.

– Other minor changes

Single Player

Alongside this update we have been working on the single player game, which we think is a fantastic combination of a traditional season mode but with a much tighter structure, character interaction and potential for storytelling.

The main mode will feature 7 distinct AI teams, all with their own coaches. Each coach has a response to the player, ranging from hatred to admiration, and their dialogue will change based on this and your performance in the league. You’ll be playing in the Global Cortex League (GCL) against these teams and also in a series of specially crafted contests with hugely variable rules and player behaviour.

You’ll earn incremental stat upgrades and be able to customise your team; there will also be storylines and intrigues which happen within the league that will have a bearing on your progress. The coaches will each have a different agenda and occasionally will propose league-wide votes on rule changes which you can influence.

There will also be other leagues and tournaments where you can coach, as well as an ongoing background story which will progress across different playthroughs with different teams

We’ve been working on this a lot behind-the-scenes for a while and making progress on it is very exciting. This kind of gameplay isn’t something that will work with incremental updates, so you’ll have to bear with us as we polish it up to the level where we’re happy to show it to you.

Thanks very much for the support on Endzone so far: this game means a lot to us and we’re really pushing to make it as good as humanly (and robotly) possible.

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