Meta missions

Meta missions

In the FS2 city there are lots of different types of “node” (or building).  Let’s take one type – a suburban residence.

I want the suburban residence to look nice and have some designed elements in it.  But I have no idea what shape or size it will be.  I have developed a system called “meta missions” to allow Bin to make half-designed half generated levels.

Here is what a suburban residential node might look like (bear with me):




Here is what a “meta mission” for a suburban residence might look like:


By making an area called “fitgen_floating”, you are asking the generator to find somewhere in the node where this area can fit nicely, and then paste everything within the area there.  You can add special arguments (like this edge should abut the road), but this is a simple one.

By creating an area with the prefix “mm” and the string “loc=room1” in it, you are asking the generator to transform the contents of that area to a room that has been generated as part of the basic generation of the node.

After running the generator script, this is what emerges:



See how we can create designed plans in designed or abstract spaces, then have the system connect them.

There is still a lot to do.  Those outside boxes especially aren’t great right now.

These are fun tools, but only a very well-regulated usage of them will create levels which are good.  I like to make a crazy toolset and let Bin and Paul work out which bits are good enough for regular usage; which bits are good for the occasional gadget level; and which bits just don’t work at all.

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