About Mode 7 Games

Mode 7 was founded in 2005 by Joint Managing Directors Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham.

We are a core team of three, and are backed up by a group of trusted freelancers.

Our aims in life are to create fun, intelligent games and to provide an outstanding service to our clients and customers.


In 2007, we released our debut title Determinance, a multiplayer PC sword-fighting game.

This achieved a worldwide retail release, received the 2007 Game of the Year Innovation Award from Gametunnel.com, was released by Novint Technologies as "The Feel of Steel", and led to several other projects.


From 2008 to 2011, we worked on a variety of contract projects for clients including...

ITV - game design consultancy, on-site support

Lumina Displays - graphics library development for a variety of UK TV shows including The Weakest Link, Hole in the Wall and The Krypton Factor

Novint Technologies - game development, programming

ISLE - programming

We also released an award winning tactical game called Frozen Synapse.


We are currently working on a new original title.


We are happy to hear about any business development opportunities.

For more details, see our Games and Services page.