In 2016, Mode 7 became a publisher.

Our first signing was Tokyo 42, an incredibly colourful Syndicate-inspired title from debut developers SMAC Games.

If you're a developer who is looking for support in releasing a game, we would love to hear from you.

What Mode 7 Can Offer You

We have over 10 years experience making and marketing indie games, so we can help with:

You might just need a bit of PR support at release with no funding, or you may need our full involvement throughout development: we're completely flexible based on your needs and situation.

Here's the one thing we can offer that no other publisher will: we will treat your project as if it were one of our own games. We want to take on a very small number of titles and work with each development team very closely to ensure their game is completed, marketed and distributed to the very best of our ability.

An article about Tokyo 42 in Edge Magazine


Awareness is massive huge concern for many indie developers and we can help you to get the word out. Here's some of our relevant experience:

Mode 7's games are regularly covered on all major games sites and have been featured by some of the gaming world's best-known YouTubers. Our titles have appeared in movies, major mainstream publications such as Vice, The Guardian and The Times as well as notable games magazines like Edge, PC Gamer and Game Informer. Industry press is also vital: in the past we've been featured by Develop, Gamasutra and MCV; we'd look to get your studio the same kind of attention.

We've shown games at PAX, EGX, Rezzed, Insomnia and Gamecity as well as completing intensive schedules of press meetings at GDC and Gamescom: if your game needs to go on tour then we will take it there.

In addition to PR, we've been advertising games online for many years and will work to create and manage an advertising campaign which suits your title.

If you'd like to hear a bit about how we work with a development team, as well as seeing the kind of marketing asset we're able to produce, have a look at this mini documentary for Tokyo 42:

Submit Your Game

We're looking for deep, compelling, ambitious games with an instant visual appeal. You don't need AAA graphics, but your game needs to have a defined style and a clear sense of direction.

Our first loves are strategy and management games but we are interested in any genre on any platform.

Ideally, we would like to see a short prototype with close-to-final art; a "vertical slice" would be perfect. No worries if you can't achieve this: we will happily look at early stage proposals, providing that you can demonstrate an ability to complete the project.

If you are interested in talking to us, please get in touch.