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Crash / crash on startup

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Username / Password issues

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There is not currently a demo for Frozen Synapse, we are aware people want one and are actively considering it.

Co-op / 2v2 etc.

We might introduce co-op play in the future - we are aware that people want this - no need to ask!

Buying the game

Q. I have a problem purchasing the game direct from www.frozensynapse.com

Please contact Fastspring, our payment provider - we can't provide support for purchasing problems.

Q. I have a problem purchasing the game from somewhere else

Please contact the support for that store / distributor - we can't help you with this problem, unfortunately.


Q. I found an in-game bug!

Please post it in the forums - sorry about that and thanks, we'll try to get it fixed.

Crash / Crash on startup

Q. The game crashes on load, or very shortly after, and I have an ATI graphics card

Please upgrade your drivers to the latest version, and try to find OpenGL-specific drivers.

You can also try forcing vertical sync to always on in catyalyst control center.

If the game crashes shortly after loading, then do the following:

1. Rename the file psychoff/gamescripts/background.cs.dso

2. Run the game

3. Go to the options menu

4. Turn menu backgrounds off

5. Rename the file back to its original name

If this fails, please try reinstalling your current drivers - this has solved the problem in several cases.

Free key- giving and receiving

Q. I don't know how to give my free key to a friend


You have a key available to gift through the Steam interface. If you did not receive it, you need to contact Valve's support.

Direct from Mode 7, or from a 3rd-party Distributor


If you purchased the game before June 3rd 2011...

1. The original purchaser must send their license key to the friend - the friend can now make an account with it

2. Please point anyone receiving a key to http://www.frozensynapse.com/fsFriend.html

3. If someone receives a key and wants to activate the game on Steam, after they have made an account, then can go here and enter their details - http://www.mode7games.com/support/getURL.php

If you purchased the game after June 3rd 2011...

You should have received an email with a key and information for your friend.

If you did not, you will need to contact Fastspring with your order information.


Direct from Mode 7

Q. I can't download for some reason

If you have just purchased the game, and you're having trouble downloading, contact Fastspring.

If you have been sent the game by a friend, please wait and try again later - sorry - this will be due to high server traffic.

Q. I have lost my download link / my download link seems to have expired

1. Try this - http://www.mode7games.com/support/getURL.php

2. If you were an original purchaser, i.e. you did not receive the game as a free copy from a friend, contact Fastspring.

Q. I tried that, but getURL is not working / says "My email is not found in the database"

Please wait and try again a little later, sometimes getURL has an issue with high usage which we are currently looking into.

If you did not purchase the game yourself and were gifted a free key, but getURL does not work for you, mail paulmode7 at the gmail of the dot and the com, including the email address which your friend used to purchase the game.

Steam or another 3rd-party Distributor

Please contact the support for the distributor from whom you purchased, I'm afraid we can't help you.


Q. The game won't install or run properly

If you're having an installation problem, and you purchased from a 3rd-party distributor, please contact them first.

If you think this problem is related directly to the game, or you purchased from us, please mail support at mode7games dot com.

Logging in

Q. My friend set up an account for me, but I can't log into it

The process for gifting keys has now changed and a workaround is in place - sorry about this - please see here: Free key- giving and receiving

Q. I can't log in for a different reason / the game is slow to log in

(One quick note: you don't need to log in to play single player - just hit Play Offline)

This is likely to be due to high server traffic - please wait a while and try again. If the problem persists, then contact us directly.

Making an account

Q. I bought direct from www.frozensynapse.com, but didn't receive my login information

Please contact Fastspring and they should be able to help you.

Q. I am trying to make an account but it is taking a long time

During extremely high traffic, it may be a bit difficult to register an account. Please wait and try again - if the problem persists then mail us directly.


Q. I bought the game without the soundtrack, but now I want the soundtrack!

You can purchase the soundtrack as a standalone product here.

Q. I bought the soundtrack on Steam but I can't find it!

It's in the DLC section for Frozen Synapse - further info.


Buying on Steam

We can't provide support for issues around buying the game on Steam - sorry - please contact Valve's support.

Adding the game to Steam

Q. I don't have a key to add the game to Steam

If you bought direct from Mode 7

The original key you were sent when you purchased, or sent by your friend, will allow you to add the game to Steam

If you have lost it, try http://www.mode7games.com/support/getURL.php

If that doesn't work, please wait a while and try again. If it definitely still doesn't work then please contact us.

If you bought from a 3rd-party distributor

Keys sold by our other 3rd-party distributors do not allow you to add the game to Steam - sorry. We may be able to work out a solution for this and I will inform everyone in the future if this becomes the case.

Username/ password issues

Q. I lost my username / password


Q. I want to change my password


Q. The above things don't work!

Please wait a while and try again - if they still don't work for you after multiple tries, contact support at mode7games dot com

Q. I want to change my username!

Sorry - we don't currently allow username changes.

What kind of game is Frozen Synapse?

Frozen Synapse is a single player and multiplayer simultaneous-turn-based tactical game.

How do I play?

Matches take place between two players.

Each player is dealt a "hand" of units, which have different capabilities, weapons and ranges. Both players must then evalaute their units and the terrain, and make a plan to defeat their opponent.

When both players have submitted their plan, both plans play out together and the outcome is revealed.

There are no health bars; units are killed by one good shot from an enemy. The game is about pure tactics and outwitting your opponent, rather than ploughing through a resource tree or memorising dull attack patterns.

I have lost my download link - what do I do?

Please contact Fastspring, our payment provider, and they will sort this out for you.

Can I get Frozen Synapse on Steam?

Yes - if you purchase direct you can activate the game on Steam at no extra cost.

Really? If I buy Frozen Synapse direct from you, I can add it to Steam without buying another copy?

Yes! A thousand times yes!

If my friend gifts me a copy of Frozen Synapse through your "free-key-for-a-friend" deal, will I also receive a Steam key?

Yes, you will.

What are the system requirements?

Is there a Mac version?

Yes! You get both versions of the game when you pre-order.

Is there a Linux version?

We don't officially support Linux but we have heard many reports that the game runs well under WINE.

Are you going to make an iPhone or iPad version?

We don't currently plan to, but it's something that we'll continue to look into. We know that a lot of people think that this would be a great idea!

Is there any DRM?

What happens when you buy the game is this: you'll be sent an email with the download location and a key for your online account. You can download the game from that location as many times as you want, you can install it on as many computers as you like, you can make a backup of the installer, and you can play single player without being logged on to the internet.

We care enormously about our customers: we want you to play our game hassle free!

Who are the team behind the game?

We're Mode 7 Games, a three-man indie studio based in Oxford, UK. Our mission is to make deep, intelligent skill-based games with intriguing aesthetics. Our previous game was a sword-fighting title called Determinance.

You didn't answer my question!

Oh, really? Do we look like we care? Oh, actually we do. Contact us with any questions and we'll do our best to answer them!


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