Determinance is a multi-player action game which allows you to create your own fighting style. Take on a single opponent in Duel Arena, or engage in a frenetic Free For All battle against up to eight other players online or on a LAN. Offline play against AI opponents is also available.

"I'm a very satisfied customer, like the previous review. There is no other game like this on the market today, and it's huge fun flying around with the ability to slash with the sword." Five Stars - Garage Games User Review - Read the review!

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Two game modes: Duel Arena, Free for All
LAN, and Internet play (up to 8 players)
Seven characters with their own individual taunts
Five distinctive levels
Offline play against bots with differing fighting-styles
Nine original tracks by the musician nervous_testpilot Fully moddable: design your own swords, characters, special moves...

"The aim of giving the player total control of their weapon has been achieved. After a little practice the game is very fluid and a lot of fun." Bill Hartley, IC Games - Read the preview!

The Feint Engine

Based on the award-winning Torque game engine
Human skeletal system
Inverse kinematics
Dynamic animation system
Cloth simulation
Detailed collision
Fast netcode

System Requirements

Minimum: P3 800 MHz, 256 meg RAM, DX7 graphics
Recommended: P4 1.5 GHz, 512 meg RAM, DX8 graphics

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